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Revised February 3,2018

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Total Return Investing and Spending Policies

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Investment Objective

The overall goal of the Consolidated Trust Funds (“CTF”) Total Return Fund is to maintain the inflation adjusted market value of assets while providing a relatively predictable, growing stream of revenue. The objective, therefore, is to earn a total return (net of all fees and expenses) equal to or exceeding the Connecticut Conferences’ targeted spending rate, currently 4.5%, plus the inflation rate – as measured by the Consumer Price Index. In addition, funds are managed according to the guidelines for socially responsible investing established by the Board of Directors and annual meetings of the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Balanced, Diversified, High Quality Portfolio

Investments are diversified across asset classes, industry sectors, individual companies, and duration of fixed income securities. In order to meet the investment objective, asset allocation is biased towards equities and other asset classes with equity-like returns. Fixed income securities and other asset classes are used to reduce volatility and hedge investment risks.

Investment Advisor

Fiduciary Investment Advisors has been our Fiduciary Partner since December of 2017.  Prior to that, Bank of America/U.S. Trust, and its predecessors, managed the fund since its inception in 1956.

Low Costs

There are no fees associated with purchases or redemptions in the fund. Total expenses of the fund, including management, transaction, custodial fees and fund accounting fees are approximately 60 basis points.

Distribution Options

Distributions are made to participants on a monthly basis. Participants may elect to receive net income, a fixed amount or a percentage of total return. Participants may also reinvest all or any portion of their monthly income.

Purchases & Redemptions

Participants may make additions or redeem units monthly. All transactions are accounted for on the last business day of the month. Redemption checks will be mailed on or about the tenth (10th) day of the month following valuation.