Stories from around the CT Conference help us to stay current with what the church is doing.  As faithful leaders, we must be grounded in scripture-telling, story-sharing, story-hearing, story-keeping practices of faith. For those who lead, stories can enable us to discern, affirm and reflect upon our perceptions of God’s activity in our individual and common lives.  We hope you’ll find this Stories section a valuable resource. 

The Potter and the Clay: A Metaphor for Faith Formation

A Three Part Series By Ashley Grant and Videography by Jim Altieri

The Faith Formation Leadership Development Team has been reflecting on Faith Formation for a few years at the CT Conference, considering how we can develop leadership within our church communities.  In discerning the potential for this web platform, the metaphor of the potter and the clay emerged alongside conversations on faith formation.  Creating a piece of pottery from first vision to beautiful and useful vessel grasps the scope of our hope for each person in his or her faith formation. 

Faith Formation Leadership Development team member and contributor, Rev. Ashley Grant, traveled to Trevor Youngberg's pottery in Woodbridge, CT to explore the metaphor of the potter and the clay.  Youngberg is the ceramics instructor for Trumbull High school, and also the son of Rev. Stan Youngberg, UCC pastor in the New Haven Association. 

In this video, Trevor takes us through the process of creating a vessel.  Let this video be a meditation on a metaphor for shaping faith. Then consider the metaphor in its many dimensions to help cultivate, encourage and equip you for Christian Formation Leadership.  

This is a three part series with each video at approximately 10 minutes or less.  For each of the three videos in the series, there are brief study guides for exploring more about how faith is shaped, how leaders are formed and how call is discerned.  There are also suggestions of how to use these videos with youth and adults in your local church setting.

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My Summer as a Young Woman of Faith

Megan McCaskill grew up in Milford, CT, and participated in The First United Church of Christ, Congregational children's ministries and then youth ministry. 

Megan attended a "church camp" in New Hampshire for many years during her youth. After Confirmation in Milford, she often volunteered with Vacation Bible School, attended Youth Mission Trips, offered her gifts as a liturgist in church, and was recognized running miles all across Milford for cross country training. 

Megan is currently a student at Eastern Connecticut State University, and this past summer, Megan's counseling adventure turned into a Faith Formation Leadership Development blessing!  Read about her transformative experience, how fulfilling it is to care about the faith formation of others, and consider steps that you can take to grow in your faith and help grow the faith of others. 

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Are You Inviting Members of Your Church into Ministry?

Rev. Barb Frey serves as the Coordinator of Christian Education at Spring Glen Church UCC in Hamden, CT. Barb has served churches around Connecticut in several capacities, seeing faith formation from the perspective of a parent, Sunday School Teacher, a Director of Christian Education, Minister and more.  

Rev. Barb shares about her ministry discernment and continuing her faith formation leadership development.  She also shares her wisdom regarding topics: the value of the mentorship relationship; How do you call a lay person into faith formation ministry?  And what are three steps for encouraging someone to develop their faith formation leadership?

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