Starting With Scripture



"What would it mean to have complete joy, even in the face of unrelenting bad news?" —Rev. Jocelyn Gardner Spencer

Crossing Paths


"And then it happened: right then, at that particular time and place between these two very different men inspired by the Holy Spirit, they study the Bible together." —Rev. Shepard Parsons

The Life-Giving, Death-Defying, Hope-Inspiring, Love-Filled Power of God


"Their real 'crime' is acting in the name of Jesus, propelled by Spirit power." — Rev. Allie Perry

So, What's Changed


"The fact of the matter is, most of us are only sort of different after Easter." — Rev. Max Grant

In Praise of Doubt


"Doubt and faith are actually intimate partners – dancing across the universe in pursuit of authenticity and truth." — Rev. Matt Crebbin

A Living Presence


"In this resurrection story, we are invited to stop looking in the tomb." — Rev. Susan Izard

Love A Parade


"Why the parade? Does Jesus need this acclamation? Or do we need it?" — Rev. Mobby Larson

Fruit From Death


"When new life springs out of death, God is present." —Rev. Paul Bryant-Smith

New Words


"Shifting our language landscape, immersing ourselves in other languages, is one way to shift our imaginations." —Rev. Lindsey Peterson

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