Starting With Scripture

The Beginning of the Birthpangs


"The social upheaval, then and now, call for faith in God and faithful action in the world." — Rev. Cheryl Anderson

Story Time


"Once upon a time the story seemed simple. But Jesus lives in this time, not in a simple time." —Rev. Dr. John Nelson

Your People


"'Your people will be my people' constitutes one of the most radical statements in all scripture." — Rev. Shelly Stackhouse

The Power of Words


"We all need the reminders that God is present in our lives and the world..." —Rev. Kate VanDerzee-Glidden

I Want The Front Seat


"Those who think they are most worthy must take on the role of servant and work to elevate those who are considered unworthy. " — Rev. Diann Bailey

Among The First


"We are asked to examine our giving and to know the return comes in a larger way than we can envision." — Kevin Williams



"The breathtaking artistry of nature is the work of God – they are the same thing, are they not?" —Rev. Dr. Brenda Palc-Faszcza

Worry About Yourself


"Just as you can’t understand others until you understand yourself, can’t be compassionate to others until you are compassionate to yourself, you can’t hold others to moral standards that you yourself do not embrace." — Rev. Kristen Provost Switzer

Last of All


"None of them is the greatest or the best." —Rev. Jonathan Chapman

Listening God


"I imagine that God, whose wisdom vastly surpasses my own, could give a lot of good advice." — Rev. Nicolette Siragusa



"Scientists have found that sighing is actually a life-giving reflex..." — Rev. Timothy Haut

Gifts From Above


"God’s gifts are available any time of the year." — Rev. Jack Shackles

Who Can Accept It?


"How can we follow Jesus to love one another as he loves us, when we are failing so miserably?" — Rev. Elizabeth Gleich

Including Our Youth Before It's Too Late


"Maybe it's time for us to re-calibrate our ministry as if our youth really mattered?" — Rev. Bradley Bergfalk

More Than Mere Living


"Just as there are fates worse than death, there are fates better than simply living." — Rev. Kristen Provost Switzer

Walk and Walk and Walk


"But the longer we walked on that Saturday morning, the clearer it became: this walk was different than any other I had ever done." — Rev. Donna Manocchio

Scarcity and Abundance


"We live in a world where people constantly fear that there will not be enough, and there is plenty of evidence that they are right." - Rev. Sara Ofner-Seals

The Jesus Line


"But the idea of God placing a plumb line amidst the people is just awesome." — Drew Page

Dancing In Public


"Dancing with friends is one thing. Dancing in public is another thing altogether." —Rev. Todd Yonkman

And They Took Offense


"The fact is that Jesus really bothered some people." —Rev. Bob LaRochelle

Cry Out To God


"With God, there is forgiveness, waiting, hope and redemption." — Rev. Zachary Mabe

Already In The Boat


"Everyone made it out of the apartment ok-even the hamster." —Rev. Jeffrey Gallagher

The Scripture in Haiku


"Those with ears to hear— followed him along the Way — Can you imagine?" —Rev. SaraJane Munshower

In But Not Of


"What do we do when we are in situations that are not to our liking because of the choices others have made?" —Rev. Lee Ireland

Being Known


" Imagine God beholding your unformed substance." —Rev. May Lou Howson



"Isn’t that just like us? To want clear signs? To need reassurance? To crave a public blessing?" — Rev. Alison Buttrick Patton

We Shall Know the Lord is the Lord!


"What must it be like to be violently forced from your home and unable or unsure of where ‘home’ will be next, if it will be anywhere?" —Rev. Nina Barlow Schmid

Drink Deeply


"We are invited to the soothing waters of the river. There we can sink down our roots and be fed by the nurturing love of God." —Rev. Sue Foster



"What would it mean to have complete joy, even in the face of unrelenting bad news?" —Rev. Jocelyn Gardner Spencer

Crossing Paths


"And then it happened: right then, at that particular time and place between these two very different men inspired by the Holy Spirit, they study the Bible together." —Rev. Shepard Parsons

The Life-Giving, Death-Defying, Hope-Inspiring, Love-Filled Power of God


"Their real 'crime' is acting in the name of Jesus, propelled by Spirit power." — Rev. Allie Perry

So, What's Changed


"The fact of the matter is, most of us are only sort of different after Easter." — Rev. Max Grant

In Praise of Doubt


"Doubt and faith are actually intimate partners – dancing across the universe in pursuit of authenticity and truth." — Rev. Matt Crebbin

A Living Presence


"In this resurrection story, we are invited to stop looking in the tomb." — Rev. Susan Izard

Love A Parade


"Why the parade? Does Jesus need this acclamation? Or do we need it?" — Rev. Mobby Larson

Fruit From Death


"When new life springs out of death, God is present." —Rev. Paul Bryant-Smith

New Words


"Shifting our language landscape, immersing ourselves in other languages, is one way to shift our imaginations." —Rev. Lindsey Peterson