Starting With Scripture

It’s a Wilderness Out There


"Too many of those we might turn to for help act more like Pharisees than The Baptists."—Rev. Pat Kriss

Still Here


"The “Son of Man” does not come to us with trumpets, but with the quiet insistence of a thief on a mission." — Rev. Rachel Fay Beam

The Good Old Days?


"Churches know a little something about pining for the good old days, don’t we?" — Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Gallagher

Painful and Grace-filled


"It is now our calling my friends. It is a holy calling – one filled with grief and grace." — Rev. Matt Crebbin

Children of God, Children of the Resurrection


"Remember who you are, and 'put feet on your prayers.'" — Rev. Zachary Mabe

Transforming Love


"I’m sometimes disappointed that transgression is not a fruit of the spirit." — Rev. Isaac Lawson

Seeing The Other


"The word 'immigrant' further divides us as a nation, making 'others' a more explicit notion that drifts further and further from ever transforming into 'us.'" — Drew Page

The Power of Persistence


"Church, we may grow weary at times, but let us take heart in the knowledge that we are not alone." — Rev. Sara Ofner-Seals

Thankful for Healing


"Have we been healed? Have we thanked God for the healings?" — Rev. Lee Ireland

Take A Deep Breath


"Some of my best laughs came three years ago when I realized how frustrated I was getting at the lack of instant gratification one receives when fishing." — Rev. Zachary Mabe

Says Who?


"Ignoring the voices that make us uncomfortable is surely not the answer." — Rev. Alison Buttrick Patton

Prayers for Other and Ourselves


"When we pray for others we are also praying for ourselves." — Rev. Shepard Parsons

Mercy in the Middle


"We have a Mercy problem in America today." — Rev. Shawn Fisher



"The true costs of following a cal are incalculable." — Rev. Dr. Todd Grant Yonkman

Musical Chairs


Jesus plays a musical chairs of sorts on the community banquet. —Rev. Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager

Not Just A _____________


"You, child of God, are known and precious and way more than enough." — Rev. Erick Olsen

A House Divided


"I would have thought that Jesus wants us to all get along together, but this passage seems to say that he is bringing division and suffering. What gives?" — Rev. Mobby Larson

By Faith


"What is pulling at your heart today?" — Rev. Larissa Forsythe

Warning: Greed is Hazardous to Your Life


"Neither the size of one’s barns nor the value of one’s stock portfolio counts in God’s economy."—Rev. Allie Perry

Content Warning: Domestic Abuse


"The God that I serve and preach is one of relationships based on mutuality, empowerment, and relationality, not relationships based on retribution, physical violence, and abuse." — Rev. Elizabeth Gleich



"Jesus knows the hard work required to find time with God." —Rev. Sue Foster



"We take a beat to try to understand what has shaped their views to be what they are today, and seek first to understand - not to be understood." — Kevin Williams



"If there ever was such a thing as a biblical “no-brainer”, the directions for what to do in order to be made well was right in his face." — Rev. Fredd Ward III

Love Your Neighbor


Drew Page is the Digital Media Editor for the CT, MA, and RI Conferences of the UCC.   Scripture:   Galatians 5:13-25  (NRSV) For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for self-indulgence, but through love become slaves to one another. For the whole law is summed up in a single commandment, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ If, however, you bite and devour one another, take care that you are not consumed by one another.   ...

Trapped In The Present


"Change is never easy. It is a disruption and most often we cannot imagine what will emerge from the change. Even a good change is stressful." — Rev. Diann Bailey

Never Give Up!


"Throughout our lives, we face trials and tribulations, and we need reminders that we are not alone and that God never gives up on us..." — Rev. Kate VanDerzee-Glidden

Word Play


"What fun would it be to have one language and the same words?" — Rev. Dr. John Nelson

Here and Now


"Are the stories about this world or another?" — Rev. Dr. Brenda M. Pelc-Faszcza

A Little Less Faith


"Perhaps our greatest sin and failing is when we underestimate our own power in creating God’s Kin-dom." — Rev. Kristen Provost Switzer

I Give You a New Commandment


"God is working in the world! Caregivers are organizing!" — Rev. Frank Basler

Prepared For The Journey


"None of us truly know what God prepares for us in our journeys." — Rev. Candace Whitman



"There are those today who still choose to be zealous defenders of the faith of the God they have created and chosen to serve." — Rev. Jack Shackles, Jr.

Time To Believe


"Are the holes in the Earth not enough to make us believe?" — Drew Page



"There is something very powerful in being known. There is something about the beauty when someone knows us just as we are." — Rev. Kent Siladi

Shouting Stones


"For centuries, pilgrims who travel to the sacred Isle of Iona have hiked out to St. Columba’s beach in search of a St. Columba’s tear." — Rev. Susan Izard

Mary's Hair


A lectionary poem by Rev. Timothy Haut



"This is what it means to be followers of Jesus: that when a child—any child—is in trouble, when a human being—any human being—is in trouble, when any part of this God-so-loved world is in trouble, we go there, we search them out, we bind their wounds, we bring them home." —Rev. Jocelyn B. Gardner Spencer

What We Deserve


"What if they didn’t deserve it?" — Rev. Jack Perkins Davidson

I Must


"These two words 'I MUST' have always struck me because they lead me to wonder: What are the I MUSTS in my life?" —Rev. Bob LaRochelle



"Befuddlingly, audaciously, infuriatingly…and gracefully, it asks us how we’re really doing." —Rev. Max Grant

Jesus On The Move


"This Jesus has no time for being stuck in buildings. He is on the move!" — Rev. Dr. Gregory Gray

After That His Brothers Talked With Him


"Would that the leaders of this nation bend their stiff necks and turn towards, rather than away from, the oppressed and each other!" — Rev. Nina Barlow Schmid

The Level Place


"That’s the advice: come down and stand on a level place with the people you’ve been called to love, care for, hold, and work alongside."— Rev. Jonathan Chapman

Scary Fishing


"How long will we wait in the shallows for the tide to change and the fish to return before we decide to move?" — Rev. Nicolette Siragusa

Love That Grows


"Love grows inside of ceremony; a love that is patient and kind and as strong and generous as a river." — Rev. Lindsey Peterson

Martin Luther King Jr. Reflections


On this Martin Luther King Jr Day, we break from the traditional devotion to repost the reflections of 4 pastors who recently traveled to Alabama as past of the 2019 Interfaith Freedom and Justice Ride.

Let Us Not Be Silent


"I believe that the Spirit gives each of us a voice, a heart, and a hand to make a difference for Jesus’ sake." — Rev. Sue Latourette

Entering The Mess


"The same movement of surrender that opens us to intimacy with God, also opens us up to compassion with all who struggle and are in need." — Rev. Deborah Rundlett

Arise! Shine in the Darkness!


"What happens after the service or pageant?" — Rev. Frank Basler

Our Little Boy Is Growing Up


"Like all children, Jesus must grow up and meet his destiny." — Rev. Rachel Beam

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