Shared Reading

Each month, we invite faith formation leaders to join us in a reflective reading. 

One of the marks of an effective Faith Former is the ability to articulate faith, theology and spiritual life in his or her ministry expression; or he or she is studying and discerning to be able to articulate such with the advisement of pastor, resources and other persons of faith. 

This section on the Faith Formation Leadership Development Web Platform helps us to hone those abilities.

Week one, we post the reading, and ask you to reflect. 

Week two, we will post a brief reflection from a CT faith former.

And from there we will invite your comments, points of connection and inspirations on through the CTUCC Faith Formation Facebook Page. 

Whether you are a Pastor, a Sunday School Teacher, Formation Committee Member or Parent, read on…

First Shared Read

California Dreaming by John Deckenback, Central Atlantic Conference
“I am very grateful that my parents and various youth group advisors saw something in me that showed potential.”

(from God in My Life: Faith Stories and How and Why We Share Them, Maren C. Tirabassi  & Maria I. Tirabassi, eds.)

Read California Dreaming

Listen to California Dreaming