Racial Justice

The mission of the Racial Justice Ministry is to engage every setting of the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ to eradicate racism in our personal, inter-personal, institutional and cultural realms.


  • To inspire all settings of the CT Conference to participate in the Racial Justice Ministry.
  • To provide members with opportunities to engage in productive dialogue and deep spiritual discernment on the intersection of race and religion.
  • To nurture and foster Multi-Racial and Multi-Cultural (MRMC) congregations, gatherings, and activities.
  • To attend to the language, policies, and behaviors within the structure of the CT Conference that may inhibit, diminish, or invalidate the contributions and participation of any ethnic or racial group.
  • To encourage, support, and provide opportunities of advocacy for racial justice.

Clergy, Congregations, Associations, and lay leaders are encouraged to offer Training, Conversations, Events, Programming, and Actions in the areas of Personal, Interpersonal, Institutional and Cultural Racism.

Facilitated Programs

Racial Justice Training - "From Tolerance to Unity"
CT Conference facilitators are prepared to offer your congregation a Stand Alone Introduction to Racial Justice, a Level 1 "Realms of Racism" Training, and now a Level 2 Training in two tracks: A: Deep Dive of Institutional and Cultural Racism, or B: Deep Dive of Personal and Interpersonal Racism.

Youth Racial Justice Program - "Did You Know?"
"Did You Know?" is an adaptation of our training "From Tolerance to Unity". The focus & goal of this program is to unmask the covert forms of racism that live within our country, and shed light on information that is commonly unknown in the younger generation. This program dives into the four realms of racism, as well as current issues, tailored specifically for young people. Sessions are available for both middle and high school aged students.    

Request an Adult Racial Justice Training

Request a Youth Racial Justice Program


PLEASE NOTE: "From Tolerance to Unity" Trainings are FULL for 2017. You may request dates between January - June 2018.  

Signature Events and Programs

JCT Class of 2016Adult Revival

Youth Revival

Joseph Clemmons Job Training Program

This paid job training program seeks to introduce youth of color to the beautiful outdoor ministry space at Silver Lake Conference Center as well as provide skills for future employment. Youth will receive valuable experience as they practice application and interview skills, train and work alongside staff at Silver Lake, and receive orientation to the wider work of the church at the Connecticut Conference office.


YouTubeCTUCC Racial Justice YouTube Channel
A collection of videos offering resources on racism.

White Privilege: Let's Talk—A Resource for Transformational Dialogue
An adult curriculum from the United Church of Christ that's designed to invite church members to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold conversations on race

PDFInclusivity Spectrum Chart (PDF)
Inclusivity Chart developed by the Rev. Da Vita D. McCallister

PDFFrom Selma to Ferguson
A discussion resource for use with the movie "Selma"


For more information, contact:

TJ Harper 
Associate for Racial Justice Ministries 
Email: toyanh@ctucc.org

Isaac Monts
Associate for Justice and Leadership
Email: isaacm@ctucc.org or call 860.761.7101

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