Together, As One Planning Team Updates

On June 16 - 17, 2017, at a joint Annual Meeting, delegates from the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island conferences voted decisively to move ahead toward forming a new, joint Conference. 

(The resolution that was approved, and the case for it from the Boards of Directors, can be found here.)

A Together, As One planning team, comprised of members from each of the three Boards of Directors and staff, began meeting in July to work on the unified Conference proposal.

Vision, Mission & Purpose Statement

Their first action was to develop a Vision, Mission & Purpose statement for the new unified Conference. You can download the statement here, along with a conversation guide to help you discuss this document in your church.


The team has established an email address – – which anyone is welcome to use to reach the group with comments or questions. Public comments are also welcome at the bottom of this page.

Team members, including subcommittee assignments:

CT Conference:
  • Kent Siladi, Conference Minister, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Bridget Fidler, Board Chair, Staffing
  • Marilyn Kendrix, Board Vice-Chair, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Jocelyn Gardner-Spencer, Board Representative, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Jeff Gallagher, Board Representative, Finance
MA Conference:
  • Jim Antal, Conference Minister & President, Governance
  • Corey Sanderson, Board Chair, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Lynne Dolan,  Board Vice Chair, Staffing
  • Philomena Hare, Board Representative, Finance
  • Michael McSherry, Board Representative, Governance
  • Linda Mesler, Vice Moderator, Governance
  • Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister
RI Conference:
  • Barbara Libby, Interim Conference Minister, Staffing
  • Frances Munro, Board Chair, Governance
  • Cleo Graham, Board Vice Chair, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Dale Azevedo, Board Representative, Finance
  • Linda Sable, Committee on Ministry, Staffing
Adjunct: Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communications for the three Conferences, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications

For background information, visit the Together, As One page developed prior to the vote.