Worship Resources Available for Day of Remembrance for Interned Japanese Americans


A member of the Hawai`i Conference of the United Church of Christ, Ellen Godbey Carson, has prepared worship and study resources for the “Day of Remembrance” for Japanese Americans who were exiled and imprisoned during World War II.  They are linked below in both PDF and Word formats.

Please feel free to use these in your churches and to pass them along to others who may have interest.
According to  Hawai`i Conference Minister Charles Buck, Ellen is a retired attorney and member of Church of the Crossroads in Honolulu, Hawai’i.  She was one of the lead counsel in the class action suit for Americans of Japanese ancestry who were exiled from their homes and imprisoned in racial prison camps by the United States government during World War II.  That case assisted in obtaining a Presidential apology to those imprisoned and Congressional redress payments to those who survived.

Liturgy for Japanese American Remembrance Sunday - Word Version

Liturgy for Japanese American Remembrance Sunday - PDF Version