Synod Delegates to Consider Proposed Amendments to UCC Constitution and Bylaws


Delegates to General Synod 31 in Baltimore June 30 - July 4 -  will be asked to consider amendments to the United Church of Christ Constitution and Bylaws. The detailed amendments to these governing documents along with supplementary guides on the process and amendments themselves are available here on the General Synod 31 website.

The amendments will come to the floor in three separate votes, as follows:

Amendments related to the Number & Responsibilities of Officers and the United Church of Christ Board of Directors & Its Structure

Amendments are being presented that alter the structure of the United Church of Christ Board of Directors (UCCB) Ministry Committees and Executive Committees, as well as change how the Secretary and Treasurer of the UCCB are appointed.

In explaining the proposed amendments, The UCC Board states: "Since the first significant restructuring, which took place in 2000, obtaining a unified vision, mission and purpose has proven difficult. While many of the obstacles were removed with the movement toward unified governance, obstacles continue to exist,"  The Board states that the proposed amendments will help to remove those obstacles.

Amendments related to the Full Communion with the United Church of Canada

At General Synod 30, delegates voted in favor of joining join in Full Communion with the United Church of Canada. These amendments would formally establish that communion.

Amendments related to Ordained Ministry and Ecclesiastical Oversight

The proposed amendments made to this section reflect work by Local Church Ministries to update terminology and reflect changes in practice many Committees on Ministry have adopted as the nature of authorized ministry has changed over time.

The proposed amendments and supporting documentation can be found at: