Periodically, Connecticut Conference Minister The Rev. Kent J. Siladi holds online conversations with church leaders about their ministries.

View recordings of those conversations here:

Micheal Joseph: Colombia Partnership

Accessible To All

Bryan Nurnberger and Simply Smiles

State Rep. Anne Hughes

Palestinian Children

Toxic Cisgender Ableist White Heteronormative Masculinity

Parish Health Ministry

Acting on Faith: Climate Action

Online Ministry


Conversation with Michael Joseph on Colombia and his work as a mission co-worker September 10, 2019


Kent and Rev. Martin Silver of the Central Atlantic Conference speak with Michael Joseph, a missionary to Colombia.


Conversation with Rev. Jaclyn Schofield and Rev. Sarah Lund on Accessibility May 23, 2019


Kent, Jacky, and Sarah discuss the Accessible To All movement, the challenges, the theological argument behind it, and intersectionality of this work with other justice ministries.


Conversation with Bryan Nurnberger, Founder and President of Simply Smiles, Inc. Apr. 11, 2019


Bryan Nurnberger tells the incredible story of how he went from rock climber to founder of an organization that works to improve lives of children.

Conversation with State Rep. Anne Hughes (district 125) Mar. 19, 2019


Kent and State Rep. Anne Hughes talk about the issues that she is working on and how her faith guides that work in the CT General Assembly.

Conversation on How Are The Children, Advocating for the Human Rights of Palestinian Children Mar. 14, 2019


Kent and a panel of clergy discuss the human rights of Palestinian Children. Panel includes The Rev. Nancy Boldt McLaren, Minister of Faith Formation and Discipleship at Storrs Congregational Church, The Rev. Dean Ahlberg, Senior Minister at First Congregational Church in Redding Center, and The Rev. Allie Perry, Worship Coordinator at Shalom United Church of Christ in New Haven.


Conversation on Toxic Cisgender Ableist White Heteronormative Masculinity, Feb. 9, 2019


Kent and a panel of 4 male clergy speak to Dr. Alice Hunt, Executive Director of the American Academy of Religion about the realities and perceptions around masculinity and privilege in our society.


Conversation on Parish Health Ministry, Jan. 18, 2019

Kent speaks to Deborah Ringen, an experienced Parish Nurse from the First Church of Christ, Congregational in Old Saybrook, CT., about how churches might initiate a health ministry wellness program in their local church. 


Acting on Faith: Climate Action in 2019, Jan. 11, 2019

Kent speaks with Pam Arifian, Director of the Northeast Environmental Justice Center at Silver Lake, about the moral imperative for working to stop climate change. 


Online Ministry, Nov. 4, 2018


Kent speaks with Rev. Jasmine Taylor, Associate Pastor of Digital and Media Ministry at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, about the impacts of ministry in the digital world.