The Joseph D. Clemmons Initiative


The Joseph D. Clemmons initiative is an initiative taken on by the Connecticut Conference UCC Racial Justice Ministry. This initiative exists to create a more culturally diverse experience within the youth and young adult ministry programs of the CT Conference UCC, and at Silver Lake Conference Center. Through interaction, exchange, investment and connection, we hope to provide a wide span of opportunities for youth of color to grow as people, as leaders, and as faithful disciples.



  1. Diversify Silver Lake Conference Center
  2. Invest in the lives of youth of color
  3. Assist in the creation of more multiracial and multicultural conference events and programs for youth and young adults.



Interact – Interacting with community leaders and organizations to help create fruitful experiences for youth of color

Exchange – Exchanging information and best practices with community leaders and organizations doing work with young people that aligns with our core values and goals.

Invest – Investing time and money into the lives of youth of color through the creation of opportunities for character building and leadership development.

Connect – Connecting with not only state/local community leaders and organizations, but also across interfaith lines to help create an authentic experience for all youth involved in the initiative, and connecting youth to specific opportunities that fit their current and future needs.


The Joseph D. Clemmons Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is specifically for youth of color to attend one SLCC conference of their choice per summer season, at little or no cost. Based on your families needs, you can use these funds to enjoy life changing experiences at Silver Lake Conference Center, without the financial burden. These funds can also be used for things like the Shine Retreat, Environmental Justice 4 All Retreat, fall and spring action weekends and other offseason activities at Silver Lake.

For more information, contact Jennifer Kronholm Clark, SLCC Program Director.


Young Adult Mentorship Program/Internship

This leadership program would target young adults of color ages 18-24 who are in undergrad/graduate school, giving them the opportunity to develop skills and connect with other leaders as they journey into adulthood. Summer leadership opportunities at Silver Lake will be offered to these young people as a part their development during the program, and as a part of our goal of diversifying leadership at SLCC.

More information COMING SOON! 


JCT Program Series

A series of sessions where High School Youth of Color can gather to receive orientation to professional development including: Interview training and practice, orientation to working in an office setting, resume’s and cover letters, college application preparation, etc. Professionals from around the state will help lead these sessions to give youth an authentic look at the workforce, and what they should be planning towards.

More information COMING SOON! 


For more information on this initiative, contact Isaac Monts, CTUCC Associate for Justice and Leadership.



- The Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Clemmons