Finance & Staff Management

Consolidated Trust Funds

The Connecticut Conference provides its member churches with the opportunity to invest their endowments or other capital resources in a professionally managed trust fund in company with other congregations and the Missionary Society of Connecticut.

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Clergy Compensation Guidelines

The Authorized Minsters’ Compensation Guidelines Document is designed to guide churches as they develop and/or update the compensation package for their pastors. 

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The Conference's staff include several people with a lot of knowledge and experience in general financial matters and those specific to UCC congregations. For more information, contact Charlie Kuchenbrod

Church Internal Audit Guide - this document (PDF) is intended to be used by an internal auditor or members of an internal audit committee within a church belonging to the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ. It should be used as a supplement to an external audit, not a substitute.


Church Contributions

Church Contribution Remittance Form  (PDF)

Church Contribution Remittance Form (Word)