CT UCC Fall Boundary Training
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

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Church of Christ, Congregational in Newington
1075 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111

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(860) 761-7112


Jill Ford, CTUCC Registrar and Program Associate

CTUCC Fall Boundary Training
TUESDAY November13, 2018
Church of Christ, Congregational
1075 Main St, Newington, CT 06111-2997
Morning Plenary with Rev. Ron Brown
$50 for all participants - light breakfast and lunch provided
LEVEL I (Basic Training): 8:30 am – 3pm
Basic Training is required for those who have not had boundary or sexual misconduct prevention training before. The training includes a morning plenary session and the Basic Training workshop.
Facilitators: Rev. Bonnie Bardot and Ms. Jamie Pfieffer
LEVEL II (Advanced): 8:30 am - 3pm
Advanced Training is for those who have previously completed the Level I (Basic) Training. The training includes a morning plenary session and one afternoon workshop of your choice - still being finalized as of 9/7/18.
$$$$ - Dangers, Toils and Snares – the Amazing Grace of Financial Leadership
As a pastor you have fiduciary responsibilities, whether you (or your congregation) likes it or not!  You need to be equipped to identify and manage conflicts of interest.  You need to be empowered to speak up when financial practices don’t feel right.  You need to be aware of the boundaries that can be breached, the potential consequences, and how best practices help protect the congregation, the people managing financial affairs, and you!   Trainer: Charlie Kuchenbrod 
Bullies, Triangles & The Church 
Like any other organization, a church may face challenges generated by people behaving badly.  In this workshop, we will address two of the most difficult of these challenges, bullying and triangulation, with tips on what to do.  Facilitator: Dr. Ronald N. Casey, Psychologist 
I Just Got Friended – Virtual Safe Church Boundaries 
Increasingly church communications are moving into a virtual world.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs…what are the boundary issues when facing virtual friendships and electronic communication?  This workshop will offer resources and an opportunity to explore these issues.  Facilitator: Rev. Jonathan Chapman 
Leaving Well
“So then the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven and sat down at the…hand of God.”(Mark 16:19, NRSV)  Now that’s a spectacular departure!  For authorized ministers who are merely mortal, however, leaving a church involves much more forethought and preparation.  Whether leaving to assume another calling, changing careers, or deciding it’s time to retire, there are certain critical issues which should be considered, such as: timing of the departure, emotional consequences, impact on family and church members, and honoring the minister’s code of ethics. In this workshop, we won’t discover the secret to ascending into heaven to sit at the hand of God, but we will learn what it takes to leave well.  Facilitators: Rev. Chuck Ericson, Eastern Region Interim Regional Minister with several clergy who have left their churches well.
Partners for Safe Environments
As our culture and cultural expectations change, the church is called to lead. Church safety policies are no exception.  The young people and vulnerable adults in our midst and in our communities deserve nurture and care founded in best practices that reflect our core values.  Actively engaged in mission and ministries of all types, we must model the highest standards of practice possible in order to establish and maintain safe and hospitable communities.  This workshop will train leaders in practices designed to maintain safe spaces in all aspects of congregational life.  Content will include: Policy Updates;  Standards for onsite and offsite activities;  Healthy relationships in ministry with youth and elders;  Safe communications resources and Safe accommodations.  Facilitator: Karen Ziel

Contact your Association Registrar to determine if you need to take Boundary Training

Contact Jill Ford, CT Conference Registrar and Program Associate,  jillf@ctucc.org for more information regarding this Connecticut Conference event.
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Boundary Awareness Training - November 13, 2018