Super Saturday - March 2018

WhenSaturday, March 17, 2018 at 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
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WhereMinnechaug Regional High School
621 Main Street
Wilbraham, MA 01095

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ContactAndrea Bellarosa
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Super Saturday Brochure


Registration is Now Open!

Registration Deadline:  March 3, 2018
Join us for a full-day of worship, workshops and networking.  All are welcome!  Super Saturdays are growing in popularity - register early to reserve your spot!

Great Day, Great Price!  Cost includes, morning worship, 2 workshops, an optional lunch activity, continental breakfast, lunch, marketplace and closing worship.

Featuring Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Pastor, activist, preacher, and fierce advocate for racial equality, economic justice, and LGBTQ equality.

#48 Alternative Approaches & Sources for Funding Ministry has been moved to the MORNING.

1.  Jacqui Lewis:  Race Matters: A Call to the Church to Get in the Game
America is built on a fault line called race. Housing patterns, school districts, voter redistricting, health and mortality, incarceration and police reform, homelessness and poverty: All of these issues relate to racism in the United States. Every congregation has work to do to heal the soul wounds racism causes, and heal the ways systemic racism hurts all of us. Some theory and practical applications for congregational life.

2.  Whole Church Evaluations
One of the challenges in our churches is evaluating staff. There are many models out there and many of them create more challenges and harm than good. We'll look at an approach that incorporates staff evaluations into a comprehensive plan for vision and vitality in the church. We will explore the best practices, principals and strategies involved in this process. Bring a team of church folks to learn more about how the whole church can be fine tuned as it carries out God's work.
Rev. Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC
$54 - Individual
$44 - Team Rate - groups of 5 or more
$64 - Late Registration (after March 3)

8:00 am—9:00 am
Register, grab a Refreshment & Continental Breakfast and browse the Marketplace

9:00 am—10:15 am Worship and
Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

AM Workshops
10:30 am—12:00 pm
PM Workshops
1:45 pm—3:15 pm 

Lunch One: 12:00 pm—12:45 pm
30 Minute Lunch Activity:
12:15 pm—12:45 pm
60 Minute Lunch “Eat n’ Learn” Activity: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Lunch Two:  12:45 pm - 1:30 pm
30 Minute Lunch Activity:
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunchtime Activity Attendees will be assigned to one lunch period for eating and visiting the marketplace, and the other for attending a lunchtime activity (if you choose one).

3:25pm—3:45 pm

3.  Choosing and Honoring Healthcare Choices
The MACUCC is a new partner with Honoring Choices whose mission is to inform and empower adults to make health care choices that assure that they will get the best possible care while honoring individual care goals, values & choices all through life. This partnership provides free, downloadable health care planning
information and easy-to-use tool kits to make your health care plan. This workshop is an opportunity to look at these choices based upon faith beliefs and personal values and how to have these conversations in your congregation.
Rev. Donna Vuilleumier and Rev. Lee Atherton
4.  Church Revitalization Through Returning to the Basics of our Faith
See how we have seen our church quadruple in size over the last 2.5 years by focusing on our mission statement and returning to the basics of the Christian faith. We are committed to "Love God, Love People, Make Disciples" and have seen it make an impact in our community and begun the process of revitalization in our church.
Rev. Erik Maloy, Lead Pastor, First Church in Charlestown and Samuel Jimenez-Kog, Discipleship and Community Group Director, First Church in Charlestown

5.  Who We Are: Marketing Ideas for Your Church
In order to revitalize, you've got to tell people who you are! Get loads of ideas to help market your congregation in the best light.
The Rev. Jonathan Chapman, Pastor, Westfield Church, Danielson, CT

6.   Listen to Your Neighbors
To do ministry with our neighbors we need to actually meet our neighbors. This workshop will provide specific skills for lay groups of your congregation to get into your community, and to listen for what are their strengths and needs. This is also a part of preparation for churches to get involved in the New Poor People's Campaign.
Rev. Kelly Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister, MA Conference and Rev. Elizabeth Magill

7. Mapping your Congregation for Change
Inviting congregations into a new vision of church requires something other than a broadcast as the means to get people on board. We will explore change theory and explore tools such as the Diffusion of Innovation chart. You will have a chance to start mapping your congregation and develop a strategy of one-on-one conversations for implementing innovation or change.
Rev. Susan Page Townsley, Associate Conference Minister for Innovation, Leadership and Change - CT Conference, Co-Pastor - Talmage Hill Community Church in Darien and Certificate Candidate in Leadership and Change at the New School in NYC.

8.  Leadership and Change
What does faithful leadership look like today? How can we be midwives to a new church? Let's talk about "traditioned innovation" and spiritual disciplines that can inform the leadership moment we find ourselves in now.
Rev. Kent Siladi, Conference Minister, CT Conference

9.  How to Have Brave and Bold Conversations in the Church
Conflict is inevitable and sometimes necessary for church vitality. People need to feel safe to talk openly, but when does "safe space" become playing it safe? How can we help people have brave and bold conversations which are passionate, respectful and transformative?
Rev. Todd Weir, Pastor, First Churches of Northampton, MA.  Trained Life and Leadership Coach through Coaching4Clergy and Rev. Sarah Buteux

10.  Worship and Preaching Amidst Climate Disruption
This workshop will provide resources and opportunities for your congregation to engage the moral challenge of climate change in your worship, liturgy and preaching. Taking inspiration from the black churches of the South in the early 60s, how can your church best address the most consequential moral issue of our time when you gather for worship? Participants will help one another identify the best approaches for each particular setting. Jim Antal will share insights from his new book, Climate Church, Climate World.
Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Minister and President, MA Conference

11.  The Best Children's Messages Ever
The children's message provides a wonderful opportunity for talking about God with children within the context of the worshipping community. So what should we do and say to nurture these precious souls in ways that will reach them effectively? We will look at developmentally appropriate methods for worship that meet the spiritual needs of our youngest disciples.
Debbie Gline Allen, Christian Education & Youth Ministry Consultant, Massachusetts Conference UCC

12.  Evaluating and Developing Curriculum
Do the curriculum materials used in your education programs tend to fall short of your expectations? That's because the publisher does not know your congregation like you do. This workshop will provide guidance in evaluating, selecting, and adapting Christian Education curriculum materials to meet the needs of your particular congregation.
Sally Tomasetti, Children's Ministry Educator

13. Why is MACUCC Against Life Without Parole
The workshop will make the case that a sentence of Life Without Opportunity for Parole is morally indefensible, racially discriminatory and economically unsustainable. We will update you on efforts to give every inmate an opportunity to see the parole board.
Lloyd Fillion, co-author, "Life Without Parole - A Reconsideration", and serves on the CJPC Life Without Parole Working Group. Rev. Jonathan Tetherly, CJPC working group member, board member Mass Citizens Against the Death Penalty and chairperson of the Hampden County Chapter of MCADP, the Actual Justice Task Team of MACUCC and retired Protestant Chaplain of the Hampden Correctional Center.

14.  Women of the Greatest Generation-Stories of Faith, Hope, Love and Courage
Join the Just Peace Players as we share an original play using the true stories of women who lived through the time of WWll. Learn about this amazing time in history and how we can become peacemaker and justice seekers today.
Rev. Dr. Fran Bogle, Rabbi Matia Angelou, Rev. Nancy Reed

15.  Twenty-Five Practical Ways to Become a Person for Just Peace
Learn and share ways to practice being a person for a just peace, or peace with justice. How you can become a peacemaker and peacekeeper in your church, community, nation and world. Each way will be illustrated with autobiographical examples by the presenter and applicable to daily living.
Rev. Dr. Robert Loesch, retired UCC pastor who has been active in peace and justice activities since high school, serving congregations in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

16.  Vital Congregations with Part-Time Clergy
Lay people and clergy will learn how new vitality emerges in certain (not all) congregations after they shift from a full-time to a part-time pastorate. Pastor MacDonald will present findings from his year of BTS Center-funded, journalistic research inside 20 vital mainline congregations with part-time clergy. Attendees will discuss how new roles for congregants and pastors make room for flourishing in these less clergy-dependent, more financially sustainable arrangements.
The Rev. G. Jeffrey MacDonald, independent journalist, author and pastor of First Parish Church of Newbury, MA. He is an author “Thieves in the Temple,” and correspondent for The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor and other news outlets.

17.  Church World Service Supporting our Neighbors Locally, Domestically, and Internationally
Church World Service has been working with our neighbors both near and far for over 70 years. We are going to talk about some of the programs we are currently focused on. We will talk about how congregations here in New England have supported our mission.
Adam Smedberg, Community and Congregational Engagement Specialist, Church World Service

18.  100% ONA - Care and Maintenance
Just like your car, your ONA ministry needs a maintenance plan to last. It needs an owner's manual, fuel, a road map, frequent inspections and passionate and caring drivers to make the journey. Come along with us on the road to living ONA 100%.
Kathie Carpenter, ONA consultant, and Chair of the MA Conference ONA Ministry Team

19.  White Privilege Training: Level 1 (Part One)
This white privilege workshop will discuss the history of white privilege, how its ingrained in our society, its detrimental impact on people of color, and what we can do to positively use white privilege. There will be a multitude of resources such as videos, articles, spoken word, scholarly essays, and theological writers we will reflect. The work will be daunting, but this is a crucial step toward achieving equity for all God's people.  Part Two will be presented in the Afternoon.
TJ Harper, Associate for Racial Justice Ministries, MACUCC & CTUCC

20.  Seeds Need Good Soil: Enhancing Stewardship Programs (Part One)
Part One:  Topics covered include: The spiritual and theological foundations for fundraising, understanding and challenging church culture around financial issues, dividing responsibilities between clergy and lay leaders, and making a strong case for support. The impact of this workshop will be multiplied if clergy and lay leaders from a church attend together.  We highly recommend you attend both workshops.
Charlie Kuchenbrod, Executive Associate Conference Minister, CT Conference

21.  In the Spirit of St. Patrick: A Mini-Retreat in Celtic Spirituality
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a mini-retreat in Celtic spirituality, joining theology, prayer, and meditation. Experience Celtic Christian spirituality as it relates to wholeness, ecology, justice-seeking, and personal and global transformation in our pluralistic-postmodern age.
Bruce Epperly, Ph.D., pastor, South Congregational Church, Centerville, MA, Professor of Theology and Spirituality, Wesley Theological Seminary, author of over 40 books.

22.  Grounding Political Witness in Spiritual Practice
In this workshop, we'll (re)claim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as political; explore what it means to ground political witness in spiritual practice; and offer suggestions of simple spiritual practices to incorporate in our own lives and the life of our communities. This workshop is for anybody who wants to deepen their spiritual practice - particularly those who want to ground their political witness in the Gospel message.
Rev. Henry Schoenfield, Spiritual Director, Certified Professional Coach, Interim Minister First Church in Stoneham

23.  Deepening Our Worship Experience: The Interplay of Sound and Silence
Liturgy is rich with sermons, spoken prayers, hymns and choral anthems - but not typically balanced with silence, that essential space which allows the inspiration of the service to deepen and be integrated into our being. Silence gives us the opportunity to focus, to clear ourselves of the outside world, find peace and calm, to connect with God, open our hearts. In this workshop, learn simple Sound and Silence Reflections you can use in various church settings and discover how musical concepts such as the interplay of silence with sound can enrich and enliven your spiritual experience and that of your congregation.
Janet Kessenich M.M., workshop leader, sound healer, and author whose work facilitates a deeper connection with one's personal essence "your best self" so that you can live and contribute from a fully integrated, empowered place of alignment and wellbeing. She is the author of Music Lessons for the Spirit, Sponsored by UCC Musicians Association, Inc.

24.  Let the Children Sing!
If your congregation has children ages 2 - high school, there is church music to sing! There are opportunities to learn hymns, Christmas carols, and songs about the church while teaching vocal and theory techniques .
Dr. Jody Blaine Davis, Director of Music Ministries, The Congregational Church, New Canaan, CT

25.  VBS 2018 Preview: Peace Lab from MennoMedia
Observe the Children's Program as they participate in actual sessions from the Mennonite 2018 VBS materials: Peace Lab, with a focus on discovering God's way of peace. Spend the first hour observing the program in action, followed by a 30-minute debriefing and discussion session with a MA Conference Certified Christian Educator. Complimentary promotional materials included.
Karen Kilty, Certified Christian Educator, Director of Children’s Ministries at Old North Church in Marblehead

26.  Young Adult Service Communities: The Promise and the Practice
YASC@Simsbury is a year for young adults (ages 21-35) to live, learn, and work in community to develop as leaders, discern the future, and shape the church and the world toward justice. Join us as we tell the story of our first year as a site for this national program, and gather information to apply to one of the YASC sites across the country or to develop your own as a church!
Jennifer Sanborn, Director of YASC@Simsbury, Rev. Kevin Weikel, Association Minister for Youth and Young Adults Rebekah Anderson, YASC intern Anastasia Damyan and YASC intern Sarah Donnelly

27.  Church for All Ages and Abilities
Over the last five years, West Concord Union Church has transformed its practices, its staff, and its building to help facilitate deeper engagement with children and youth and with adults with developmental disabilities. We've learned a lot along the way and seen our community grow! Come hear about our journey and take away practical suggestions from our staff team about how to make your church more welcoming.
Jessica Torgerson, Director of Children's Ministries; Melissa Tustin, Director of Sunday Fellowship; and Rev. Hannah Brown, West Concord Union Church, MA

48.  Alternative Approaches & Sources For Funding Ministry
Churches and new ministry initiatives are looking for additional ways to fund mission and ministry. This workshop will look at the changing context of charitable giving, discuss ways to enhance annual giving among church members, and explore alternative funding sources such as grants and development approaches with people outside the faith community. Led by Massachusetts Conference stewardship and development staff, this workshop will be of interest to lay and clergy leaders who have an interest in stewardship and funding that can make life-changing ministry happen!
Lee Gagan, Fundraising & Development Specialist and Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister, Stewardship & Financial Development, MA Conference


*NEW* 60 Minute "Eat n' Learn"
If you select "L1 - Weird Church" option, you must REGISTER FOR A BAG LUNCH and go directly to the workshop. 

60 Minute “Eat n’ Learn” Activity (Bag Lunch Required for this Activity)
L1.  Weird Church: Glimpses of Emerging Ways of Being Church

Drawing on concepts in the book Weird Church we will look at insights and understandings of how churches may evolve and what new forms of faith communities are emerging around us today.
Rev. Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

30 Minute Lunch Activities

L3.  Together As One - The UCC in Southern New England – Sharing your Questions and Perspectives
As voted by the June 2017 joint Annual Meeting of the Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts Conferences, a proposal is now being developed to create a Southern New England UCC Conference.  That proposal will be brought to the joint Annual Meeting of our three Conferences on June 15-16, 2018.  Please bring your comments and questions to the Planning Team who will host this important conversation.

L4.  Global Ministries: Making a Difference in South Africa
Meet Rev. Susan Valiquette, chaplain at Inanda Seminary in South Africa. Inanda Seminary, founded in 1869, was the first secondary school exclusively for African girls in southern Africa founded by South African women. The vision statement of the school includes the empowerment of students (affectionately known as “members”) to play a role in the development of the nation and become future leaders. The school’s current alumni include the former Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, Baleke Mbete, the former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge, the late Minister in the Presidency Manto Tshabala-Msimang and many other distinguished South Africans.
Rev. Susan Valiquette - co-mission worker for Global Ministries at Inanda Seminary girls high school in South Africa for 17 years


#48 Alternative Approaches & Sources for Funding Ministry has been moved to the MORNING.

28.  The Opioid Crisis: How Churches Can Respond
Most of our churches include families affected by the opioid crisis, but often their stories are hidden. They don’t tell the pastor or ask for prayers for fear they will be judged, rather than helped. Come and discuss strategies for breaking the silence in our churches, improving our care and strengthening the faith and health of all.
Rev. Susan Grant Rosen, Interim Pastor, United Church of Winchester NH

29.  WISE for Mental Health
In this workshop, representatives of the United Church of Christ Mental Health Network's Board of Directors will present on how to become WISE for Mental Health and start a Mental Health Ministry. This is a timely designation as, more and more, congregations discern how they might Welcome, Include, Support, and Engage those who may be struggling in the face of mental illness as well as their friends and families. The United Church of Christ Mental Health Network works to reduce stigma and promote the inclusion of people with mental illnesses/brain disorders and their families in the life, leadership and work of congregations.
Devin Shmueli, Board Member, United Church of Christ Mental Health Network and TBD, Board Member, United Church of Christ Mental Health Network

30.  Deepening Tools for Daily Living in this Difficult Time: Cultivating a Listening Congregation
We will engage in dialog that will highlight the skills and challenges of good listening. We will practice listening to create understanding between two or more individuals in a facilitated conversation. An overview of the Restorative Circle process that opens the door to conversation when communities are faced with conflict will be shared.
Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson has practiced and led Restorative Circles with a team of people at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Concord, NH. In 2015, she began leading RC facilitator trainings in church communities around New England.

31.  Ministry Means You!
Feeling a nudge, pull, or yearning to put your passion, talents, and faith to good use through church but are afraid of the words "call to ministry"? Not sure if that often-seen statement in the bulletin, "Ministers of the Church - Everyone," means much? Come hear about our common call to ministry, ministry beyond clergy, practices for exploring that tug on you to do something more, gifts assessments and discernment practices, and how you might help nurture a culture of the ministry of the whole people of God in your church.
Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister, Stewardship & Financial Development, MA Conference

32.  Evangelism for Progressive Churches
Learn to do practical outreach and local mission that brings Good News. Address hurts, serve needs, bring healing, and do real ministry in your community.
The Rev. Corey J. Sanderson has started a new UCC church, helped coach new church starts, and served as a resource to established churches seeking health, vitality, and growth.

33.  Leading with Core Values
More than mission statements, core values define the essential and enduring principles which are the foundation upon which a church does ministry. This workshop will help participants clarify when their church is at its best, how those values define and motivate a congregation, and how they can replicate those values when doing mission and ministry.
Rev. Dr. Norman Bendroth, intentional interim minister at the Tewksbury Congregational Church. He is on the faculty of the Interim Ministry Network and has written two books on transitional ministry. He directs Wicked Awesome Church Consulting at

34.  How to Engage Your Congregation in the Moral Challenge of Climate Change
How can your church best engage the great moral challenge of climate change? Why is this a core issue for the church? How best to discuss climate change? How best to marshall the moral force of your congregation to impact town, state and federal policy? Can this become an expression of the congregation’s mission, and not just the views of some members? Jim Antal will share insights from his new book, Climate Church, Climate World and offer exercises and resources to engage your congregation.
Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Minister and President, MA Conference

35.  Is This the End of Sunday School and Youth Ministry?
As we in the local church attempt to tackle the current cultural, digital, and commitment shifts our congregations are experiencing, questions are being raised around the effectiveness of our current models for Christian education and youth ministry. This workshop will help pastors and Christian educators to examine other methods for passing on the faith that will meet the faith formation needs of today’s church-going children, youth, and adults.
Debbie Gline Allen, Christian Education & Youth Ministry Consultant, MA Conference

36.  Safe Conduct/Safe Church
Designed for those enrolled in the MACUCC CE Certification program for local church educators, however, anyone who serves a local church will find this workshop information vital for their ministry. The Insurance Board has adopted the term Safe Conduct(TM) to refer more broadly to organizational conduct and personal behaviors that impact both children and adults. Providing a safe place for all our children, youth, and adults is one of the core values of our mission and ministry.
Debra Moore, Commissioned Minister of Faith Formation at Edwards Church, Northampton, MA and member of the MACUCC CE Certification Task Team

37.  Retreats that Renew and Refresh
Creative ideas for your next retreat! Icebreakers, discussion questions, theme outlines. Retreats - from 2 hours to 2 days and longer - can encourage participants to nourish their weary spirits. Find out how.
Rev. Sue Foster, Pastor, East Woodstock Congregational (UCC) Church in CT and author of Retreats that Renew and Refresh, due out in Fall 2018. She blogs at

38.  Practiced Imaginations & Pervasive Violence
Our culture suffers from pervasive violence and our churches are uniquely capable of providing a sanctuary for nonviolent imaginations. This workshop will help church leaders develop competencies in responding to violence through the use of the arts and active nonviolent responses.
Paul Gorrell, Founder & Director of Peace Right Here an organization carrying the mission to champion practices of peace in communities and families. Paul is passionate about cultivating transformative partnerships within communities that develop soul-cherishing relationships and peace-championing imaginations.

39. Preaching Disability Theology and the Disabled God
Making our churches accessible goes far beyond making sure people who use wheelchairs can enter the sanctuary. It's also about what you think, say, and preach. This workshop is an introduction to disability theology. We will discuss the theological statements we may be making about disability without even realizing, and how such statements affect people with disabilities. Come prepared to read, discuss, and imagine as a group.
Bekah Anderson, Young Adult Service Community (YASC) Intern

40.  The New Poor People's Campaign- Ways to Engage in a Prophetic Revolution
This workshop will provide background information about the re-launch of the Poor People's Campaign. We will share about the historical context of the campaign and its relevant for today. Using scripture we will build a case for why people of faith should engage in this revolution. Finally we will share more concretely about how to engage in the Campaign which will be launched in the Spring of 2018.
Rev. June R. Cooper, Executive Director, City Mission Society

41.  Wordpress Website? Join us!
Gather with other church Wordpress users to share tips, tricks and best practices. We'll review one another's sites and help each other make improvements. If there is interest, this could serve as the start of a continuing online user group.
Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communications in CT, MA and RI and Steve Nelson, long-time Wordpress user
42.  The Transition Team
With the advent of a new UCC Local Church Profile for search committees has come a shift in the practice of compiling the information and engaging a time of transition in pastoral leadership. A Transition Team is now an option to save search committees from burnout once they come to the time of interviewing candidates. This workshop will review the scope of work for such a team and introduce the Local Church Profile as well as other resources for a pastoral search.
Rev. Wendy Vander Hart, Associate Conference Minister, MA Conference

43.  Gender and Sexuality and Confusion
A primer on gender and sexuality and more (aligned with what OWL programs cover), followed by a free-form conversation for Q&A and deeper-dives.
Elliot Altomare, MID, Granby CT

44.  White Privilege Training: Level 1 (Part Two)
This white privilege workshop will discuss the history of white privilege, how its ingrained in our society, its detrimental impact on people of color, and what we can do to positively use white privilege. There will be a multitude of resources such as videos, articles, spoken word, scholarly essays, and theological writers we will reflect. The work will be daunting, but this is a crucial step toward achieving equity for all God's people.
TJ Harper, Associate for Racial Justice Ministries, MACUCC & CTUCC

45.  Using Creative Arts to Help Coping with Life Struggles
Creative arts and writing are simple and universally applicable techniques in the toolbox of ministers, deacons, care-givers, and all individuals involved in helping others cope with life struggles. This hands-on workshop demonstrates simple creative projects including collage making that provide effective tools to channel and express emotions safely.
Rev. Dr. A. Bill Comeau, Pastor for 40 years. He developed these techniques while teaching coping strategies at the college level for the past 10 years. Rev. Douglas Stivisn, pastor for 16 years. In previous secular career as a business consultant, helped executives cope with change.

46.  Spiritual Practices for Effective Leadership
Designed for pastors and church leaders, this interactive workshop will introduce attendees to the 7Rs of Sanctuary. This seven step process restores spiritual well-being while fostering reflective practice, the means of increasing effectiveness in one's leadership.
Rev. Debora Jackson, D.Min., Director, Lifelong Learning at Yale Divinity School and author of the book Spiritual Practices for Effective Leadership: 7Rs of Sanctuary for Pastors. Jackson is a former denominational executive in the American Baptist Churches, USA, local church pastor, corporate executive, and consultant.

47.  Seeds Need Good Soil: Enhancing Stewardship Programs (Part Two)
Part Two:  Topics covered include: The spiritual and theological foundations for fundraising, understanding and challenging church culture around financial issues, dividing responsibilities between clergy and lay leaders, and making a strong case for support. The impact of this workshop will be multiplied if clergy and lay leaders from a church attend together.  We highly recommend you attend the morning workshop.
Charlie Kuchenbrod, Executive Associate Conference Minister, CT Conference
49.  ARTChurch: Connecting Art, Culture and Creativity in Worship
Inspired by the rich spirituality and deep themes inherent in art, ARTChurch looks at scripture and liturgy through the art in the room. The gathered experience the - Holy and the holy in each other - through the images, colors, themes and creative energies of the art installation, the artist's perspective and that which is experience by the observer. This will be a collaborative experience of ARTChurch - designed to engender your own creativity for the practice! You will experience ARTChurch (worship) not a "How-To..."
Rev. Wendy Miller Olapade, Lead Pastor/Connector in Chief, Sanctuary UCC and Members of the MA New Ministries Initiative Cohort.

50.  Preaching Without Notes: Why and How I Ditched the Manuscript and You Can Too
From the time I was in seminary, I had a goal for myself to preach without notes. Why? Because from my own view from the pews, I found preachers who preached without notes to be the most compelling. But when I began regularly preaching, I found it difficult to stop using a manuscript. Finally, I was able to do it. This workshop will go over the vision and techniques that can help you take the plunge too. Expect your parishioners to be grateful and your worship attendance to increase!
Rev. Anna Flowers, Pastor, United Church in Walpole, MA

51.  VBS 2018 Preview: Rolling River Rampage from Cokesbury 
Observe the Children's Program as they participate in actual sessions from Cokesbury's 2018 VBS materials: Rolling River Rampage, with a focus on God's promise to be with us as we pass through the waters. Spend the first hour observing the program in action, followed by a 30-minute debriefing and discussion session with a MA Conference Certified Christian Educator. Complimentary promotional materials included.
Karen Kilty, Certified Christian Educator, Director of Children’s Ministries at Old North Church in Marblehead

52.  Diving Deeper: Youth Service As A Tool For Transformation
Service is an experience that energizes and inspires our youth. How can we create space for deeper theological reflection that examines both poverty and privilege? This workshop will offer structures for caring conversations, provide sample discussion questions, and give tools for developing commitments for continuing the work.
Debby Kirk, CTUCC Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and Rev. Dawn Karlson Associate Minister of Faith and Youth Development, South Congregational Church of Granby, CT

53.  Pilgrimage to Chile: Youth Delegation to the Shalom Center
Are you interested in learning about international mission trips and what it takes to have a meaningful and successful experience for the youth of your church? Are you looking for a cross cultural immersion experience for the youth of your church? Through the Chile Partnership of the Massachusetts Conference, youth delegations have traveled to the Shalom Center in Chile for more than 10 years where they have met young people from the Pentecostal Church of Chile. The Shalom Center was created with support from Global Ministries as a peace and environmental education center.  
The Rev. Christopher Ney, pastor of Central Congregational Church, Newburyport; Chair of Chile Partnership Committee

Marketplace is Full - Registration is closed.


We are trying something different for the March Super Saturday Children’s program! Registration deadline is March 3, 2018.  As this is a trial program, there will be no charge for the children to participate

We are combining the children’s program with two workshop opportunities for people interested in experiencing two different VBS (Vacation Bible School) programs. Adults will spend the first hour observing the program in action, followed by a 30 minute debriefing and discussion with a Certified Educator. This is an excellent opportunity to sample a VBS program as you plan for this coming summer.

The program is limited to the first 12 children who are registered and will be led by Karen Kilty, Certified Christian Educator, Director of Children’s Ministries at Old North Church in Marblehead and a team of MA Conference Certified Christian Educators.

As this is a trial program, there will be no charge for the children to participate. Adults who wish to attend/observe either one or both of the sessions must complete the Super Saturday registration form and will be charged the regular fee.

You MUST be pre-registered for children’s program.  NO WALK-INS.

The program will NOT be available during the lunch break.  You must pick up your child at the children’s programming center at the beginning of Lunch ONE.   Hours: 7:30 AM—12:00 PM: 1:30 PM—3:45 PM