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Environmental Justice

As Christians who are called by God to be stewards of Creation, we are witness to the destruction of our Earth and its communities, on local, regional and global scales. We are witness to the unjust burden of that destruction, which is carried on the backs of our most vulnerable and marginalized communities. We are called to act together to create the Beloved Community, a vision of Shalom: A just, compassionate and peaceful human society that embraces our interdependence with all of Creation, and accepts moral responsibility for the impact of humanity’s choices, not only on the current generation, but on future generations as well.

We live out this moral imperative in many ways.  We faithfully strive to improve our environmental footprint at home and at church, and to teach and preach this urgent call.  We act as witnesses to environmental injustice and destruction, and we advocate for effective change.  We collaborate with local, regional and national interfaith and secular environmental organizations to amplify our witness and impact. Please join us!

Who we are:


Pam Arifian
Director of the Northeast Regional Environmental Justice Center at Silver Lake


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