The Northeast Environmental Justice Center of the UCC

At Silver Lake Conference Center
Sharon, Connecticut

Our Mission

As a regional Environmental Justice Center of the United Church of Christ, we are called to inspire and motivate individuals and communities to restore and sustain God's Creation in ways that are responsible, faithful and just.

We provide transformative, justice-centered approaches to climate change and environmental equity, in a forum that empowers individuals and communities to be bold witnesses and leaders in their communities.

We provide learning opportunities, transformative experiences, and leadership development to youth and adults, many of whom then sow those seeds in their communities. We are growing a movement of leaders who understand their role as stewards of the earth, who will help to create a just and sustainable future.

Housed at Silver Lake Conference Center, an Outdoor Ministry of the Connecticut Conference in Sharon, CT, the Environmental Justice Center is a resource to the Northeast region on-site and with "on the road" programs.

Here's our one-page Environmental Justice Center Flyer for your use.

Pam Arifian, Director


We seek to grow a movement of leaders who understand their role as stewards of the earth, who will help to create a just and sustainable future for all people, regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Building Interdependence

We are growing leaders who understand interconnections and the interdependence that makes life possible. We are cross-pollinating with new and existing religious and secular environmental organizations to build a network of passionate, action-oriented, and faithful environmental leaders.

Growing Leaders in Environmental Justice

We encourage bold witness, train and equip leaders in environmental stewardship through programs that are inclusive, educational, and empowering.

Modeling Sustainable Living

The EJC is located at Silver Lake Conference Center in Sharon, Connecticut, where we provide a model for choices that support a sustainable and resilient future, and that encourage and empower participants to bring the ministry back to their home communities.

Our Programs

Environmental Justice For All! Retreats

The EJ4A! Retreat extends an extravagant welcome to youth of color to come to Silver Lake and to learn and lead conversation on environmental justice. They return to their communities transformed, equipped with new awareness, education, experience and tools to be leaders in their home settings. Starting in 2017, the EJ4A! Retreat will be open to all high-school-aged youth regardless of race or ethnicity. 

Read about past retreats: 

Creation Care & Earth Avengers Workshops for Youth 

Sowing the seeds of an environmental ethic in the faith formation curriculum. The workshop is grounded in faith and celebrates the awe of Creation, while exploring many environmental issues related to choices we make about our food. The interactive, engaging and empowering workshop is action-oriented, and equips participants with ideas on how to reduce their impacts on personal, community and global levels. 

The workshop can be adapted to focus on specific environmental issues, such as climate change, renewable energy, fracking or genetically modified foods, among others. The Earth Avengers workshop is offered to campers at Silver Lake Conference Center summer camp, and the Creation Care workshop is offered to all CTUCC Confirmation Retreat participants, and can also be brought to your youth group or confirmation group at your location.

Sowing Seeds in your Community - Workshops at Your Church

Invite the Environmental Justice Director to visit your church or community to facilitate an educational workshop on environmental issues, solutions for a just and sustainable future, and activism. More information on workshops coming soon in 2018.

Advocacy – Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The EJC tracks various environmental issues in our State and national legislatures and offers action opportunities such as petitions, letter-writing campaigns, visits with legislators, marches etc. Get involved by visiting the Environmental Justice at SLCC Facebook page and by signing up for the monthly newsletter that includes action opportunities.

Grow Your Own! Sustainable Garden Education and Service

Join us in the organic vegetable garden at Silver Lake to explore organic and permaculture growing methods, fostering a healthy garden ecosystem, composting, and more!  We welcome all groups who would like to volunteer their service in the garden.

Funding Partners

The EJC is made possible by the Connecticut Conference of the UCC, Silver Lake Conference Center, United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries, Massachusetts Conference of the UCC, and generous donors. Please contact the EJC Director for information on how to become a partner in this vital ministry.

Environmental Justice Center at Silver Lake

The Northeast Regional Environmental Justice Center