Donations to the RDRC

We are always happy to receive donations of new or used resources. As you may know, we house a specialized collection with limited space. If you are considering the donation of used books, periodicals or curriculum resources, you may want to read through the following guidelines to better understand how the Resource Center will handle your donation. The ideal way to handle your donation is to begin by making a determination of which items might donated based on the criteria below and forward a list of those items to Karen Ziel at the Resource center.

  1. Only books exclusive of any highlight or underlining of text will be considered for accession. Although it may helpful to the owner, many find it difficult to read a text with this kind of pre-existing mark-up.
  2. Any book or resource that has been stained or has mold cannot be shelved.
  3. Any duplicate of a resource we currently have a single copy or more of may be offered to patrons as a give-away due to limited space.
  4. Any resource that is dated because of the data, statistics or a more current scholarship may also be offered as a give-away to patrons.
  5. Any books or resources not deemed to be in good condition for shelving or for give-away are typically recycled through a book reclamation center. Of course, if you have any to recycle that fall into the above criteria, it is simpler to do that directly. Your local center can be found at:

If you have any questions at all, please call Karen Ziel Minister of Christian Education and Director of the Ruth Dudley Resource Center at 860.761.7104 and thanks for your kind consideration of our resource center!