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The Congregational Church in South Glastonbury is seeking a new Youth Choir Director. This position will have primary responsibility for developing a spirited and inviting music ministry opportunity for young children from within our church community. For more information about the position’s responsibilities and required qualifications, please see the accompanying job description.

Candidates may apply  by emailing a resume and a cover letter outlining why they are interested and how their skills match the position requirements to:




Updated 10/2/18

Goal of the Youth Music Program: The goal of South Church’s Youth Choir Ministry is to offer opportunities for faith enrichment through participation in a K- Grade 4 choir music experience. Such experiences will include, but not be limited to, singing appropriate music, playing instruments and participating in worship services when appropriate. Meeting times are generally 3 - 4 times/month, flexible at the mutual decision of director and parents (example - directly after church or on a school week afternoon.)

The Youth Choir Director will have primary responsibility for developing a spirited and inviting music ministry opportunity for young children from within our church community. This director would work closely with the Director of Music and also be supported by the Ministers, the Director of Discipleship Education and the Music Ministry Team. It is expected that the director will foster good relations and involvement with the parents of the youth who participate in the choir. 

Characteristics and Qualifications: The Youth Choir Director should be open to the church’s purpose, values and theology and our belief in being a uniting, open and caring community. 

Specific experience should include demonstrated musical ability, preferably keyboard or guitar proficiency and some leadership/teaching experience with children. The director must understand the nuances of working with groups of children, possess a spirit that enthusiastically spreads the joy of music-making and encourages participation among a variety of ages. The ability to research and select appropriate diverse music (traditional and contemporary) is essential in addition to strong interpersonal and communication skills.

General Responsibilities:

  • Plan and carry out music rehearsals (following the public school calendar.)
  • Attend a monthly planning meeting with the Director of Music in order to coordinate performance opportunities and share themes and resource ideas. 
  • Help to recruit children from our faith family.
  • Be available to participate in special services at Christmas and Easter and possible field trips to assisted living facilities.  

Accountability: TheYouth Choir Director is supervised by the Director of Music with support provided by the Ministers and the Music Ministry Team. The Director of Music is responsible for a yearly evaluation with input from parents of the children and the Ministers. 

Hours: Approximately 3 - 5 hours per week for 40 weeks (following the public school calendar) including but not limited to the following:

• Preparation for weekly rehearsal 
• Rehearsal (set up and rehearse) 
• Performance in worship 
• Monthly meeting with Director of Music 
• Regular communication with parents 

Compensation: $3,000 per annum, payable bi-weekly

How to Apply/Deadline:  Send a cover letter summarizing why you’re interested along with your resume to by October 26, 2018.  Equal Opportunity Employer


Contact: Lisbeth U. Davis

Address: 949 Main Street So Glastonbury CT 06073

Phone: 860-402-3914