Volunteer Administrator - Coalition Against Casino Expansion


The Coalition Against Casino Expansion in CT is a tax-exempt organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service operating under the provisions of section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue code. The Coalition has a bank account and accepts contributions from donors wishing to oppose the expansion of casinos in Connecticut. The Coalition needs an individual to assist in managing its regulatory and financial paperwork: preparing and filing Form 9900 and a tax return, writing checks and making deposits, reconciling the bank account and similar administrative functions. A background in law and/or accounting would be useful—but not absolutely necessary, as the work is relatively straightforward. The work should only require a few hours a month. This is a volunteer position. Please reach out to Michele Mudrick at michelem@ctucc.org or 860-796-3822 if interested. For more information about the Coalition, visit www.nomorecasinosinct.org.

Contact: Michele Mudrick

Phone: 860-796-3822