Part-time Church Secretary - Thompson


Brief Description of Responsibilities and Skills Required
Standard secretarial skills and a thorough, courteous office and telephone presence are required. Also, wearing business casual attire in the office during church hours is required. In addition, the individual should have a working knowledge of G Suite, Microsoft Office, and QuickBooks. The secretary is hired by the Church Board, and reports directly to the Pastor.
Work Schedule
The hours of work are (TBD) with additional hours as needed. Deviation from these hours must be approved in advance by the Pastor.
Wages, Benefits and Evaluations
The secretary position is an hourly job. The compensation is $15/hr for approximately 10 hours/wk to be paid in installments on the 15th and 30th of each month. There are two weeks of unpaid vacation/personal/sick time. No more than one week shall be taken at a time to insure the continuity of Church functions. Unused vacation, personal or sick time is not cumulative. The secretary’s vacation is to be scheduled and approved in advance by the Pastor. A performance evaluation will be done annually.
Secretarial Duties
In this capacity, the secretary is directly responsible to the Pastor. The Pastor will set priorities, if needed. These duties shall include, but not be limited to:

  • being in the office for Church business during the published hours
  • insuring access and interaction with the Pastor or other church leaders who must recognize that the secretary’s time is limited
  • answering the telephone, directing calls, greeting visitors, and answering questions or directing these to the proper person
  • copying all worship bulletins in coordination with the office of Westfield UCC
  • compiling the Annual Report in coordination with the office of Westfield UCC.
  • typing and copying materials for various committees as time permits
  • requesting servicing for office machines when needed
  • monitoring the supply of office materials and restocking as necessary
  • picking up/mailing materials at the Post Office and distributing mail to the appropriate individuals/committees
  • handling all church material in a professional, confidential manner
  • maintain Church records of giving/expenses, and cut checks to be signed by Treasurer
  • other duties as assigned
Additional Terms and Conditions
The terms of this contract can be re-negotiated at any time by the Church Board due to changing financial or other circumstances in the church.
Any grievances between the secretary and other church personnel should be initially addressed to the Pastor and subsequently to the Church Board for resolution.
This agreement can be terminated by either party on two weeks advance notice.

Contact: Rev. Greg Gray

Address: 347 Thompson Road Thompson CT 06277

Phone: 860-923-2431