Music Director - Middletown, CT (South)


South Congregational Church, UCC
Middletown, CT
Music Director Position Description
To provide a music program that will encourage the musical gifts of the congregation through a variety of musical styles.  The position can be a combined role of Organist and Choir Director or separated into two positions.
Skills and Qualifications:
1.Ability to play proficiently various styles of music on organ and piano.
2.Ability to recruit, direct, and motivate a volunteer church choir.
3.Ability to select both contemporary and traditional music for purchase and presentation, which is consistent with the congregation’s style of worship.
4.Ability to work both as a team leader and a team member.
5.A degree or certificate in music is preferred.
6.Knowledge of liturgical music.
1.The Music Director will accompany and lead the Choir and possibly a Handbell Choir.  
2.Conduct weekly choir rehearsals and prepare the choir for special services.
3.Meet regularly with the Pastor to coordinate and plan worship services.
4.Participate in regular meetings of the Music Committee.

  • This position is accountable to the Pastor, as Chief Administrative Officer of the church.
  • This is a part-time position, five to six contact hours per week.  Salary, twenty thousand dollars per year, plus or minus, depending upon experience. 
                  Winston Baldwin, Interim Pastor, South Congregational Church, UCC
                  Middletown, CT.   Winston’s cell phone:  413-531-6248
                  Church phone:  860-346-5006
                  Church email:
                   Church mailing address:  South Congregational Church
                                                         9 Pleasant St
                                                                           Middletown, CT. 06457

Contact: Winston Baldwin cell phone: 413-531-6248

Address: 9 Pleasant St. Middletown CT 06457

Phone: 860-346-5006