Church Safety

Churches frequently contact the Conference office for resources around church safety. Here are a few:

(Many of these have been compiled by the Massachusetts Conference Disaster Resource Team, and are posted here:

Senior Regional Minister The Rev. Michael Ciba suggests that individuals speak to Rev. David Peters from our Roxbury Congregational Church.  He recently attended a training program and might have information to share about his experience and what his church has implemented around security.  He can be reached at the Roxbury Congregational Church, 860-355-1978; email:


UCC Insurance Board- Here you'll find a variety of materials and resources such as loss prevention manuals (series of 6), The Steward - a quarterly online magazine for safety updates and information and more!

The Safe Conduct Workbench has everything you need to update your church safety policy, offer resources for Insurance Board customers (and non-customers) to conduct background checks on a fee for service basis with no annual subscription fee, engage in online training modules, pdf copies of shared resources and more .

The Massachusetts Conference has recommended this video and resources from Church Mutual Insurance Co:

They have also recommended the following:

National Disaster Interfaith Network has published a series on all kinds of disaster preparedness and how to be a “ready congregation”:

Local and state police departments are offering “Active Shooter” trainings and workshops across the state.  Call your local troop to learn more about how and when the next training is offered in their area/region.  You may want to read an article on Active Shooter safety from the UCC Insurance Board President Timothy Harris.

Homeland Security has some training videos: and they have published this Quick Reference Guide:

Here’s a good article from Christianity Today:

Here’s more information on ALICE- an acronym for the 5 important strategies for any response : Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

ALICE Best Practices Manual