CAUCE Compensation Guidelines

The Connecticut chapter of the Association for United Church Educators (CAUCE) develops compensation recommendations for full and part time employees in local churches in the areas of Faith Formation, Christian Education and Youth Ministry. The Conference Committee on Ministry and the Board of Directors affirmed this document released in June 2014.

The process to complete an update of these guidelines included a subcommittee of lay and authorized practitioners working for several months in communication with the Authorized Ministers Compensation Guidelines group who graciously and openly welcomed conversation and collaboration. A survey in the early months of 2014 yielded information from 99 respondents in the field. An informal process of data gathering and research of other Conferences was used.

A finalized draft was presented to the previously mentioned agencies of the CT Conference in May and June.

It is the hope of the CAUCE Coordinating Committee that you will find this document to be a useful resource in the process of engaging and affirming the work of lay practitioners in the ministry of Christian Education and Formation and Youth Ministry.

Download the 2014-2015 Guidelines

2016-17 Officers of the CAUCE Coordinating Committee:

Ms. Dawne Quinn and Ms. Gwen McCann, Co-chairs

Ms. Rosemary Lamie, Scribe

Ms. Georgette Huie, Treasurer

Ms. Tracy Gormley, Registrar