Many Voices, One Mission

Many Voices, One Mission: Wrestling With Our Past

Wendy Vander Hart


"Memory has an influence on what we see and do." — Rev. Wendy Vander Hart

Many Voices, One Mission: Collective Power

Pam Arifian


"We are partners with each other, and with God, in the co-creation of earth, every day."— Pam Arifian

Many Voices, One Mission: The Saints Among Us

Donald Remick


"For them, preserving and maintaining the church is not an end in itself. And it never has been."— Rev. Don Remick

Many Voices, One Mission: You Can't Go Back

Michael Ciba


"Through the words of Jeremiah, God speaks to a church that is too focused on what it has lost." —Rev. Michael Ciba

Many Voices, One Mission: Our Common Strength

Tiffany Vail


"What we share in common, however, is even more important than where we differ." —Tiffany Vail

Many Voices, One Mission: Stories We Need To Tell

Andrew Page


"We, the Conferences of the United Church of Christ, are uniquely positioned to tell the most important stories of our time." —Drew Page

Many Voices, One Mission: Be A Champion for Racial Justice

TJ Harper


"There is no one way or best way to achieve racial justice; instead, it is our collective differences and our united goal that will one day allow us to be successful in achieving equity for all God's people." —TJ Harper

Many Voices, One Mission: The Why of Unity

Kent Siladi


"Our congregations and our wider church need to look outward and shout to the world that Jesus Christ is Sovereign without being judgmental or formulating value judgments regarding the worth of others."—Rev. Kent Salad

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