Justice and Witness

First 100 Hours Interfaith Climate Justice Vigils

Pam Arifian


Proclaim the moral urgency to act for climate justice by joining a movement of interfaith vigils across the nation in the first 100 hours of the new administration.

Guest Blog: 35 Gather for First Anti-Casino Coalition Meeting

Anne Hughes


While many clergy and faith leaders were ‘wrapping up’ Advent and Christmas preparations this week, a lively group of 35 interfaith lay and clergy leaders showed up, ready to engage, at the Connecticut Conference headquarters in Hartford on Dec. 20 for the first meeting of the Coalition Against Casino Expansion in CT.

GUEST BLOG: Transformed by the Power of Love

Kari Nicewander


This ring on my finger, that shines in the light, was once part of a bomb in Cambodia. The most ugly things in our world can be transformed by the power of love. God is in the business of turning bombs into beauty.

Hartford Area Churches Petition for $15/Hour Minimum Wage

Guest Blogger


Guest Blogger David Biklen shares information on a petition in Hartford for an increase in the minimum wage.

Why We Must Raise CT's Minimum Wage To $15

Kent Siladi


"The practical and moral imperative is clear. A person working full time should not remain in poverty. An American society with integrity cannot justify paying people a poverty-level wage." - Rev. Kent Siladi

Pressing Climate Justice Work

Pam Arifian


"Regardless of your political leanings, it can’t be disputed that the environment lost in the recent election." - Pam Arifian

Guest Blog: Community Listening Sparks Hope and Healing

Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager


"Offering a space for folks to come together, mourn, and speak their own truths is an act of resistance in itself." - Rev. Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager

Help Make UCC Voices Heard at the State Capitol


Now, more than ever, we need our voices heard. The good news is that here in Connecticut, we can make that happen.

I'm tired of being asked to write statements

Kent Siladi


I'm tired. I'm sick and tired of being asked if I am going to make a statement about the latest killing of a black man by police.

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