Justice and Witness

An Authentic Experience of Kingdom Work

Laura Westby


"These trips to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation are among the best things I am privileged to do each year. And the reason is simple: what we do there is as close as I can come to living the way Jesus did. " — Rev. Laura Westby

NOW is the Time to Call Your Legislator


URGENT: Now is the time! Ask Your State Representative to vote NO on all Casino Expansion Bills AND to support two Amendments to the Bills: to allow a referendum in East Windsor AND to require a societal impact study

Calls Needed Now on Minimum Wage Bill

David Biklen


Although the proposal has over 40 legislator cosponsors, there is still considerable disinterest or outright opposition.

4 Days of Advocacy: Learning, Networking, and Lobbying

Emily McKenna


"The nature of any ecumenical gathering comes with a free side of noticing our similarities and differences with other faith traditions." —Emily McKenna

Zambia And The $15 Minimum Wage in Connecticut

Kari Nicewander


"Our low minimum wage is an issue of deep concern for people of faith, as well as for anyone who cares for basic human rights." —Rev. Kari Nicewander

Time to Support $15 Minimum Wage Bill Is Here

David Biklen


A $15/hour wage bill is on the floor of the CT House of Representatives for consideration.

Reformative Justice

Gordon Bates


Rev. Gordon Bates shares some of the research from his recent book on CT prisons and criminal justice reforms.

The Importance of an Extravagant Welcome

Cecile Gilson


It is more important than ever for us as people of God to welcome all into the safety and embrace of our church communities. Our LGBTQ friends are hungry for a place to worship just as they are, just as God created them.

Women's March on Washington

Kelly Jane Caesar


Rev. Kelly Jane Forbush shares a multi-congregation journey to Washington D.C. in support of women's rights.

A Journey into History

Charlene Corbett


Rev. Char Corbett is using her sabbatical to travel from Acadia to Zion and researching how history impacts our faith.

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