Justice and Witness

Many Voices, One Mission: Vote Your Values

Ryan Gackenheimer


"The Bible is a not a book free of politics." —Rev. Ryan Gackenheimer

Goliath and David

Jocelyn Gardner Spencer


"You and I, every one of us, has resources within us that can, that must, be put to use in the quest for justice." - The Rev. Jocelyn Gardner Spencer

Many Voices, One Mission: Uncomfortable Work


"When have you been uncomfortable, but did/said/stood up for [your work] anyway?" —Michele Mudrick

Living Sanctuary: 40 Days in the Wilderness

Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager


"Offering sanctuary is our sacred responsibility grounded in the biblical ethics and gospel values of neighbor love." — Rev. Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager

Many Voices, One Mission: Wrestling With Our Past

Wendy Vander Hart


"Memory has an influence on what we see and do." — Rev. Wendy Vander Hart

Racial Justice Podcasts Available Today!

TJ Harper


There are times when voices outside of congregations, associations, and the Conference can have a different perspective and shed new light on the call to racial justice.  Thus far, we have two podcasts available with two experts in the realm of racial justice.  We hope that you tune in for these conversations to hear about the stories of these two leaders in academia and the faith context.  Please, listen to these podcasts individually or within your congregations; spread the word; and share any...

Holy Week Message from Rev. Siladi

Kent Siladi


"Love one another. It is finished. He is Risen!" — Rev. Kent Siladi

$15 Wage for Economic Growth in Connecticut

David Biklen


"Low wages unnecessarily stress the state economy, government services, and workers and their families. The state can reduce each of these stresses by increasing the minimum wage." — David Biklen

No Guns In School

Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager


"The notion of arming teachers with guns as a response to gun violence is abhorrent and absurd." —Rev. Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager

Many Voices, One Mission: Be A Champion for Racial Justice

TJ Harper


"There is no one way or best way to achieve racial justice; instead, it is our collective differences and our united goal that will one day allow us to be successful in achieving equity for all God's people." —TJ Harper

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