Faith Formation and Christian Education

What is Church?

Krista Judson


Krista Judson asks, What is Church? and reflects on the evolving meaning over a lifetime. "He began the story with 'You call us into church. And when we don’t attend, when we do not answer Christ’s call, the fellowship is diminished'."

Have Our "Eighth Graders" Arrived?

Georgette Huie


"In a church I served, one dad had this to say about 8th graders: “It’s as if your smiling, happy-go-lucky child is abducted one night by aliens..."

Connecting Generations in Joy

Tracy Fouke Bausum


This joyful milestone reminds us that no matter where we are, God is faithful. It is a way to connect generations and build relationships.

I Believe in Angels-CAUCE Reflects

Rosemary Lamie

Karen Ziel


Rosemary Lamie- "reminds us of the salient point when anticipating the Spirit’s presence in our lives, 'I believe'”.

Many Voices One Mission: Where Two or Three Are Gathered

Karen Ziel


"While leaders form bonds within their congregations; healthy relationships of mutual support among peers are essential."— Karen Ziel

CAUCE Reflects- Tapping Your Creative Juices

Tracy Gormley


"Some of my best ideas have come to me on the recumbent bike which is a great motivator for a regular workout." -Tracy Gormley

CAUCE Reflects- Welcome 'Home'

Tracy Fouke Bausum


"Every Sunday becomes an opportunity..." — Tracy Fouke Bausum

Do Not Cross

Jeffrey Lukens


Rev. Jeff Lukens created a communion liturgy to address the "healing and wholeness" needed in a time when news about immigrants and their families is often disturbing and painful.

How to Raise Money for your Community Projects

The Parish Paper


A congregation’s community project often starts with someone’s idea or dream, followed by a plan designed by a core team, and then, a group of volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Yet how can this worthy work be sustained over time? Whether the project involves food, clothing, or housing assistance or counseling and job training or organizing residents around an issue of local importance like the need for a community garden or more stop signs, at some point the program ...

Many Voices, One Mission: Forming the Faith of 21st Century Congregations

Debbie Gline Allen


"We need to stop believing that teaching the Bible in an educational setting will bring today’s children and youth to a life of faith." —Debbie Gline Allen

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