"Unless" - Looking at an alternative to Fossil Fuel

Lois Happe


"Our dependence on fossil fuel, if left unchecked, will eventually render much of our world uninhabitable." — Rev. Lois Happe

Taking Action on Environment at Immanuel

Dorothy Lovett Buckley


Dorothy Lovett Buckley shares thoughts on attending a conversation with Environmental Leader and Former MA Conference Minister the Rev. Dr. Jim Antal.

Many Voices One Mission: Common Bond

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"Once a pair identifies the common bond on their cards, they share with each other to discover a common bond between themselves." — Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Many Voices One Mission: Cultivating Connections

Pam Arifian


"The magic is in connecting their hearts and minds with wonder and beauty of the planet..." — Pam Arifian

Many Voices One Mission: It Happens Outside

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"God gave Creation over to humans as stewards, and it seems we’ve forgotten our duty to care for it." — Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Many Voices One Mission: Actions Matter, Now

Pam Arifian


"The interconnectedness of justice issues and climate impact means that your action at every level matters." — Pam Arifian

The 8th Annual Water is Life Walk Begins on the Housatonic (Howsatunnuck) River

Pam Arifian

Lindsey Peterson


Every year, Grandmother (Uncí) Carole Bubar-Blodgett, of Wabanaki lineage, takes four rivers into prayer and waits for Spirit to guide her. This year, Spirit guided her to the Housatonic (Howsatunnuck) River for the 8th Annual Water is Life Walk, which is a celebration of life, an opportunity to witness, to offer respect, gratitude and care for the "SacredWater," and to grow relationships with humans and non-humans in the watershed. The Water is Life Walk is an opportunity to come together and ...

Many Voices, One Mission: Collective Power

Pam Arifian


"We are partners with each other, and with God, in the co-creation of earth, every day."— Pam Arifian

Working Toward a Green Guilford Green

Jon Leckerling


First Congregational Church Guilford already had its Connecticut Conference Level 3 Green Church designation thanks to the hard work of its long time Environmental Ministry Team leaders, Bob Leete and Ray Jones.  That meant new gas fired furnaces, LED light fixtures, energy audit improvements and much more.  The Board of Community and World Concerns wanted to do more to expand this environmental stewardship, so in 2014, it set aside $500 of its discretionary outreach budget and asked Bob to ...

From a Powerful Moment in D.C.: A Movement Continues

Pam Arifian


The People’s Climate March on Saturday, April 29th did not disappoint. There were many actions leading up to the big day, including lobbying at Capitol Hill and direct actions. I arrived in Washington D.C. on Thursday evening, and spent Friday engaged in a teach-in, supporting a direct action, and engaging with youth. Here’s my story:

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