Many Voices, One Mission: Grown-ups at Camp!

Mary Nelson


"This community-building thing we do works for grown-ups, too!" — Rev. Mary Nelson

Many Voices, One Mission: Let's Not Keep God Waiting

Kelly Gallagher


"Now is the time to get at it." — Rev. Kelly Gallagher

Many Voices, One Mission: The Rite of Confirmation

Karen Ziel


"If faith formation is to be relevant and transformational, it must be renewed and reimagined by every generation." —Karen Ziel

Many Voices, One Mission: The Road Toward Justice

TJ Harper


"The only fact that matters is that we persist; that we do not turn from the path we have chosen." —TJ Harper

Many Voices, One Mission: Vote Your Values

Ryan Gackenheimer


"The Bible is a not a book free of politics." —Rev. Ryan Gackenheimer

A Reflection on the TAWFG Internship Experience

Amanda Simpson


" Even though I didn’t understand the language being spoken, I clearly understood the purpose and meaning behind the act of giving praise, acknowledging our blessings, and offering one’s self to be of service through prayer." — Amanda Simpson

A New Family

Isaac Lawson


"It is often too easy for faith communities to whitewash Jesus’ subversiveness." - The Rev. Isaac Lawson

Goliath and David

Jocelyn Gardner Spencer


"You and I, every one of us, has resources within us that can, that must, be put to use in the quest for justice." - The Rev. Jocelyn Gardner Spencer

Many Voices, One Mission: Paying Attention

Martha Goodman


"High touch—paying attention—reduces these anxieties." —Martha Goodman

Many Voices, One Mission: Uncomfortable Work

Michele Mudrick


"When have you been uncomfortable, but did/said/stood up for [your work] anyway?" —Michele Mudrick

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