Many Voices One Mission: What Will Be

Michael Ciba


"John the Baptist may be the right patron for 'Together as One.' " —Rev. Michael Ciba

Grieving and Rejoicing

Kent Siladi


"In my head, I know that churches are places where communities gather, and that many have a season of life and impact, and then reasons arise that means that the church must close." — Rev. Kent Siladi

Many Voices One Mission: Liminal Space – The Road is Made by Walking

Donald Remick


"One of the fundamental lessons of that road is liminal space. It is learning how to become comfortable with having more questions than answers." —Rev. Don Remick

Connecting Generations in Joy

Tracy Fouke Bausum


This joyful milestone reminds us that no matter where we are, God is faithful. It is a way to connect generations and build relationships.

Many Voices, One Mission: Collaboration and Communication

Andrew Page


"Through all this advanced communication – this collaboration­ – stuff gets done." — Drew Page

A Visit to the Capitol

Grace O'Connor


Urban Semester Intern, Grace O'Connor visits the Capitol with CTUCC Legislative Advocate Michele Mudrick and Rev. Dick Allen of South Glastonbury to meet Representative Jill Barry.

Many Voices, One Mission: We Must Move

Sioux Wilusz


"We are map-less. But we cannot stand still." — Sioux Wilusz

UConn Intern to Aid CTUCC in Justice Work

Grace O'Connor


Debby Kirk, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, will be overseeing the work of CTUCC's new intern, Grace O'Connor. Debby has this to say: " We are delighted to welcome Grace O’Connor as an intern for the spring semester. Grace brings a variety of gifts and she will augment our advocacy work by assisting with research, coalition building, communications, and administrative support.  Grace will work closely with Michele Mudrick, our CTUCC Legislative Advocate and Pam Arifian, Director of...

Many Voices, One Mission: Ever Flowing Streams

Karen Methot


"I find myself looking forward to working with people from our future tri-conference as we get to know each other and begin reaching out with resources shared, offers of help, and collaboration around justice issues that matter to us all." —Karen Methot

Snow and Ice? Offering Worship for Home

Matthew Emery


After the recent Sunday morning snowstorm coupled with bitter cold, many churches decided to cancel worship. Here is how one pastor offers worship at home when cancellations happen.

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