A Time to Come Together

Sue Foster


"For a short time, anyway, we will be able to worship and learn, plan and praise. We are setting aside time to be the church, together. " —Rev. Susan Foster

Guide to Good Governance

The Parish Paper


After months of meetings, the long-range planning committee of Epiphany Church submitted a report to the congregation’s board. The report highlighted three important conclusions: (1) the average age of regular worship attendees is going up while worship attendance overall continues to decline; (2) action steps must be taken immediately; and (3) major changes are needed in ministry priorities. After careful review, the board laid out five possible courses of action. How did Epiphany Church board ...

Prayers from Women Clergy Retreat

Michelle Hughes


Rev. Michelle Hughes shares a few of the prayers lifted at the Women Clergy in the CT Conference retreat in Hamden.

Reformative Justice

Gordon Bates


Rev. Gordon Bates shares some of the research from his recent book on CT prisons and criminal justice reforms.

The Importance of an Extravagant Welcome

Cecile Gilson


It is more important than ever for us as people of God to welcome all into the safety and embrace of our church communities. Our LGBTQ friends are hungry for a place to worship just as they are, just as God created them.

New Faith Formation Leader: Dana Johnson

Karen Ziel


Dana Johnson is the Director of Children's Ministry at the Saugatuck Congregational Church in Westport, CT. In this blog post, Ms. Cindy Cole introduces us to Dana through a conversation they shared a few months into Dana's new role.

Advocates To Make Voices Heard on Casinos

Shannon Rye Wall


Some two dozen of us gathered at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Hartford on Tuesday despite a snowstorm that began just as we prayed our way into the meeting.  This was the second meeting of the Coalition Against Casino Expansion in Connecticut, a burgeoning group led by our own Legislative Advocate, Michele Mudrick. (Check out the website www.nomorecasinosinct.org for the list of fifteen faith-based and non-profit organizations that have joined the cause!) I was there because I recently ...

How Do Congregations Respond to Interfaith Couples?

The Parish Paper


While Christian-Jewish may be most people’s first association for “interfaith,” as the population of “nones” grows, the most common pairing is actually a Christian and a nonbeliever—and the clash between belief and unbelief can be more difficult than the clash of belief in different things.

Women's March on Washington

Kelly Jane Caesar


Rev. Kelly Jane Forbush shares a multi-congregation journey to Washington D.C. in support of women's rights.

A Journey into History

Charlene Corbett


Rev. Char Corbett is using her sabbatical to travel from Acadia to Zion and researching how history impacts our faith.

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