4 Days of Advocacy: Learning, Networking, and Lobbying

Emily McKenna


"The nature of any ecumenical gathering comes with a free side of noticing our similarities and differences with other faith traditions." —Emily McKenna

Resurrection People Marching For God's Creation

James Antal

Pam Arifian


Creation is at a turning point. We are headed toward a climate unseen in 50 million years. Realizing this, what if the church were to begin to act like the earth was the Lord's? (Psalm 24) ? One thing is for sure: WE WOULD MARCH with thousands of others to demand immediate action.

Show Up

Rochelle Stackhouse


"...to listen for God’s guidance, to share our visions of church, and to get to know our kin." — Rev. Shelly Stackhouse

Let's Go To The Meeting

Nancy Taylor


"You gotta be there. I mean, you really gotta be there." —Rev. Nancy Taylor

Reflection on Mentored Relationships

Karen Ziel


A Reflection on Mentored Relationships This reflection offers insights about our new Mentored Relationships model for leadership development. Karen Ziel, Minister of Faith Formation and Leadership discussed our pilot program with the two Christian Education professionals engaged working together. The mentor, Ms. Karlene Archambeault, has been the Co-Director of Christian Education at the First Congregational Church of Southington, CT. since 1990. The mentee, Ms. Jessica Lyman, is the Director of...

Sitting in the Tomb and Practicing Resurrection: An Easter Theology for the Formation of the CT-RI-MA UCC

Kaeley McEvoy


"In the forming of a new conference in New England there is a chance to actually live the theology we stand for." — Kaeley McEvoy


Alison Buttrick Patton


"Achieving oneness is not as simple as it sounds..." — Rev. Alison J. Buttrick Patton

Zambia And The $15 Minimum Wage in Connecticut

Kari Nicewander


"Our low minimum wage is an issue of deep concern for people of faith, as well as for anyone who cares for basic human rights." —Rev. Kari Nicewander

Sacrifice and Atonement

Stephen Finlan


Rev. Stephan Finlan's book on sacrifice asked readers to re-examine their relationship with God.

Small is Big Again: Reclaiming Small Church Ministry

The Parish Paper


Although megachurches garner a great deal of attention, these supersized congregations comprise only a small fraction of all worshiping communities in the U.S. The current estimate is that only about 1,650 megachurches (worship attendance exceeds 2,000) dot the landscape out of a total 330,000 congregations across America. In fact, most churches are small: two out of three Protestant churches attract less than 100 worshipers in a typical week

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