Four Childhood Schoolmates Celebrate Ordinations Together

Lisa Eleck


Who would have guessed? Four women from the same small town and public high school, who graduated and went on to different careers, have now been ordained in the United Church of Christ. Who would have guessed?

Nerim's Sentencing: A Testimony to the Power of Forgiveness

Devan Mulvaney


Devan has given us permission to share this with you, the CTUCC community. It is a powerful testimony to the power of forgiveness.

Women's March 2018: Standing On The Edge Of History

Kristen Provost Switzer


"The 2018 Women’s March helped me to remember that like the Triune God and our own worshipping communities, we are so much stronger together than we could ever be on our own. " - Rev. Kristen Provost Switzer

18 Questions for 2018

The Parish Paper


Tim Shapiro, from the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, believes that vibrant congregations exhibit a commitment to increasing congregational capacity. As demands on congregations grow, clergy and laity struggle to “maintain agency over their problems rather than the problems having hold on them.

Working Toward a Green Guilford Green

Jon Leckerling


First Congregational Church Guilford already had its Connecticut Conference Level 3 Green Church designation thanks to the hard work of its long time Environmental Ministry Team leaders, Bob Leete and Ray Jones.  That meant new gas fired furnaces, LED light fixtures, energy audit improvements and much more.  The Board of Community and World Concerns wanted to do more to expand this environmental stewardship, so in 2014, it set aside $500 of its discretionary outreach budget and asked Bob to ...

The David and Goliath Battle for Bridgeport and CT’s doorsteps

Anne Hughes


A reflection on the recent anti-casino gathering in Bridgeport, and a look at what comes next.

Does Our Pastor Need a Job Description?

The Parish Paper


Serving a church without a written job description is like embarking on a long trip without a road map.

Time for Churches to Mark Transgender Remembrance Sunday

Thomas Gregory Gray


It is hard to believe how time has flown by since we all met together in June for Annual Meeting in Hartford. At Annual Meeting we accomplish many things for the work of the church, but from my perspective the most important accomplishment was when we passed “A Resolution of Implementation Recommending Churches of the Connecticut Conference Mark Transgender Remembrance Sunday.” Just as a friendly reminder November 20th each year is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), and our resolution asks ...

After Sutherland Springs: A Reflection

Maxwell Grant


Yesterday’s tragic church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas has already hit the “refresh” button on any number of rallying cries on all sides of the gun violence debates, especially on social media.

Mistakes Churches Make During an Interim Ministry

The Parish Paper


After thirty years of service, the pastor of Community Pine Church retired. For the majority of members, he was the only church pastor they had ever experienced. Lay leaders quickly formed a search committee to get started on finding an interim pastor. Any step that might delay them seemed a waste of precious time. They feared the months between pastors could deplete resources and members’ energy. After some discussion, the committee produced a vague document about the congregation and the kind ...

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