CAUCE Reflects- Tapping Your Creative Juices

by Tracy Gormley


Tapping Your Creative Juices                                                          CAUCE Reflects November 2018
By Tracy Gormley
Commissioned Minister of Faith Formation Immanuel Congregational Church, Hartford

One of the most exciting aspects about ministry is the ability to co-create with God and lead others in new ideas. But every once in a while we may feel that our creative juices just aren’t flowing like they used to and that we have hit a rocky riverbank. What can we do to return the abundant flow?
One of the first and important things that can be done is to simply REST! Even God took a day off and Jesus took naps; what makes us think that sleep is a luxury?  Nightly sleep consisting of the recommended 7-9 hours is crucial for mental and physical health and committing to consistent restful sleep is necessary for creative revitalization. In addition to sleep, any body movement whether it be regular exercise or a brisk walk around the block during office hours can kinetically trigger reflections that lead to new thought patterns. Some of my best ideas have come to me on the recumbent bike which is a great motivator for a regular workout.
Seek new interests and venture into new learning by exploring subjects that are not your normal go to. Try learning about architecture, birds, or art history. Explore your local library or use your time commuting to listen to a podcast. There are literally thousands to choose from and it just might spark a theory that you can apply to your ministry. Vary the subject matter in your pile of books and break out of the ministry and leadership genre. You just may find out that you have developed a love for a new hobby as well.
Jesus surrounded himself with other people to do the work of the kingdom of God and we should too. Networking with colleagues is a very productive way to glean new ideas and garner feedback from those that may have tried similar concepts. While getting out of your office can be difficult, you will be surprised and glad that you did when you connect with other productive people looking to use their time effectively.
So rest up, get out of the office and deviate from your normal reading list. Your river will liken that of a white water rafting trip in no time!

Tracy Gormley

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