I Believe in Angels-CAUCE Reflects

by Rosemary Lamie

by Karen Ziel


As Rosemary began to write this reflection, she played with a title based on our recent regular
posts from Prayers from the Basement. These prayers, from leaders celebrating 30 years of
AUCE (The Association of United Church Educators), written over a decade ago, have been
shared this year as a reminder of the unique nature of the work we are called to do and a
witness to the fidelity of faith formation practitioners. The work of making disciples requires
people of faith who are highly relational, creative, flexible and gracious. Oftentimes the work is
a blessing and challenge as church members of 5 generations invite us into their lives.
Alongside the ministerial staff of the church, we forge relationships and experiences that
enable faith to form and transform. While it is representative leaders of the church who hire
the directors, coordinators, ministers and superintendents in Christian faith formation and
education, it is first and foremost, our good and gracious God who calls and equips leaders for
this work.
Whether leading a service learning experience, offering an experience of labyrinth to children,
or accompanying young parents through sharing a first grief with their children, the work of
faith formation practitioners in all roles is deep and varied.
Rosemary’s testimony was to begin with a title of “Lessons from the Basement – especially for
newcomers”. She writes, “I was thinking I would have some helpful info after 15 years” but the
more I thought, “the more I could only come up with I believe in angels.”
In her note, she continued with her testimony. She writes, “that no matter how difficult the
task at hand, or how alone you feel (attempting) to come up with a program, or how uninspired
you might be about a children’s message, God always sends an angel. Sometimes they are in
the form of helping hands, sometimes as you peruse articles and books for inspiration, one just
clicks! Sometimes it is in a quiet moment when you calm yourself and focus on God’s message,
those ‘angels appear’. The more it happens, the more I have been able to depend on it and sure
enough there are many angels in our world!” In these words I hear trust and faithfulness.
This is not solitary work that we are called to. It is work that engages the faith community and
willing volunteers to make a difference in the formational experiences we seek and engage. Yet,
it is often said that modeling our faithfulness conveys the most powerful message.

Rosemary is one such model. Rosemary reminds us of the salient point when anticipating the Spirit’s presence in our lives, “I believe”. There are many ways that angels enter our lives. In the form of an unexpected visitor bringing a good word, in the form of a caring peer who shares a great idea at just the right time, or in the form of a stranger, offering something we seek or

seeking something we have to offer. These angels are a reminder to us that God is present among us and has gifted us for this work.

What do you believe about angels? What experiences have you had to remind you that sometimes we are, “entertaining angels, unaware”? How do you understand answers revealed to prayers unspoken and yet, the answer appears? What moments of aha have you had for which you give gratitude and which help you proclaim, “I believe in angels”?

I believe Rosemary’s best testimony is her faithful and dedicated work as a faith formation practitioner within her church and within our wider community. She is dedicated, thoughtful, gracious, hardworking and deeply caring and compassionate. Her second best testimony may be, “I believe in angels”!

Daily devotional materials and other resources can be found here at The Upper Room. https://www.upperroom.org/resources/praying-the-psalms/awed-by-god

To learn more about Angels and their role from scripture, try this Beliefnet.com article: https://www.beliefnet.com/inspiration/angels/where-did-angels-come-from.aspx

Rosemary Lamie

Karen Ziel

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