Amistad Videos

Following is an annotated bibliography of Amistad videos available through the Ruth Dudley Resource Center. Most of these films are suitable for teenage and adult audiences. Amistad, the Steven Spielberg film, is rated "R."

I Remember the Amistad
A 20-minute production with study guide from United Church Press. The story of the Amistad is told by several United Church of Christ leaders, illustrated largely with murals of the story painted at Talladega College in 1939 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the event. The film connects the story to the development of the American Missionary Association (AMA) and to the continuing work for justice and individual liberty through the United Church of Christ.
Bridging the Divides, Seeking Transformation -- 40 minutes
Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the American Missionary Association. The video is in four parts. The first part summarizes the story of the Amistad and the role of Connecticut Congregational churches; Part 2 connects the Amistad event to the founding of the AMA and outlines the Association's early ministries of founding schools, universities, and churches to serve various cultural groups in the United States; Part 3 tells current projects that can trace their roots to the church's early commitment to justice; Part 4 looks to the future.
Amistad Rising -- 21 minutes, UCC Office of Communication, 2000
This video draws on some of the same materials as I Remember the Amistad and Bridging the Divides to briefly relate the story of the Amistad and to show how the AMA commitment to justice and liberation for all persons had its roots in the historical event. The film then focuses on the building of the replica of the ship at the Mystic Seaport. The role of the UCC in the project, particularly that of two Connecticut Conference churches (Dixwell Avenue church in New Haven and First Church of Christ in Farmington), is highlighted. Individuals from churches speak about the effect of the building project on their own lives.
The Amistad Revolt - 33 Minutes, the Amistad Committee, 1995
Narrated by actress Vinie Burrows, this video is a more extensive and detailed telling of the Amistad story than the others in the Ruth Dudley Resource Center's collection. Includes quotes from the captives themselves, newspapers of the day, and presents some of the legal arguments that were used in the courts.
A Fundraising Video: Building A Replica
This film was made during construction to raise money to help build the new ship. While outdated now, it shows scenes of the laying of the keel and the accompanying celebration, and it summarizes the hopes and dreams for the Amistad as envisioned by some of those who developed and supported the project from its beginning.
Amistad - The Steven Spielberg film. 2 hours, 35 minutes. Rated R.
Actors Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Djimon Hounsou, and Matthew McConaughey. Vividly portrays the treatment of persons taken for slaves, but ignores the church connection to the story.

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