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The Clergy Housing Allowance Continues
In a much-anticipated decision, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals delivered welcome news to clergy: the clergy housing allowance is constitutional.

Tom Thatcher Joins the Silver Lake Team
Tom Thatcher may be new to Silver Lake – he started as Administrator on March 5 – but he has been working in summer camps since 1999 and living in the...

A Message from the Together As One Conference Ministers
Today we stand with our Muslim siblings who have experienced unspeakable violence at the attacks in Christchurch New Zealand.
Blog Posts

Youth and Racism
"At our last Conference Wide "Did You Know" Youth Racial Justice Program, there were many young people who didn't know." — Isaac Monts

Many Voices One Mission: Cultivating Connections
"The magic is in connecting their hearts and minds with wonder and beauty of the planet..." — Pam Arifian

Together As One: Catching a Breath and Watching the Winds Blow
In the midst of this season of Lent there is a calling to pause, listen and watch for the movement of the Spirit and breathe deeply the presence of ...

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UNITED CHURCH NEWS: Small Connecticut church consistently tops OGHS giving
How can a church that didn't become part of the UCC until 1989 celebrate being a major donor to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering for 67 years?

THE PATCH: Danbury Looks to Preserve, Lease First Congregational Church
Local officials are endorsing a plan that would see the city purchase the First Congregational Church of Danbury and lease it back to the ...

THE PATCH: Old Lyme church Assists Family With Immigrant Deportation Case
The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, which successfully helped fight a deportation case last year, announced it would be working with ...


Starting With Scripture
What We Deserve
"What if they didn’t deserve it?" — Rev. Jack Perkins Davidson