Who is an effective faith formation leader?

Faith formation leaders are revealed by call from God or community or by self-reflection.  Effective faith formation leaders bring and hone their spiritual gifts, theological knowledge and practice in their ministry.  Each leader brings a unique skill set and personality to their faith formation ministry.

To grow into one’s “effectiveness” in leading faith formation ministries in a Vital Church, consider these:


  1. WORD: The faith formation leader is able to articulate faith, theology and spiritual life in his or her ministry expression; or he or she is studying and discerning to be able to articulate such with the advisement of pastor, resources and other persons of faith.
  2. PRACTICE: The faith formation leader models a life of continued faith formation, leading, serving, teaching and caring in a way consistent with his or her words. 
    1. Teaches or assists in various settings and to various ages.
    2. Keeps current with best practices and way God is still speaking in faith Formation.
    3. Values the abundance of faith formation opportunities by ministering “with” other congregants and building relationships with persons wherever they are in their faith formation. 
    4. Supports and empowers others in leadership ministry and faith formation. 
  3. DISCERNMENT:  The faith formation leader takes on the spiritual reflection and communal evaluation needed to discern the faith formation opportunities for the church.  Discernment is key to the design of faith formative programs, studies and events that inspire and foster faith for the individual and the united body. 
    1. Draws together the Marks of a Vital Church: Worship, Care, Stewardship, Leadership and Discipleship.
    2. Is adaptable and flexibly in planning and execution of ministry according to needs.
    3. Recognizes and affirms gifts and talents in others who share in the formation leadership.