More About the Conference

Our Mission Statement Created by God, Called by Jesus Christ, Guided by the Holy Spirit, We are the Connecticut Conference, the United Church of Christ in Connecticut. We come together as Local Churches and Members to equip one another to proclaim the Gospel to the communities of Connecticut and to the world by teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, doing the work of reconciliation and justice, and living faithfully in daily life. Amen.

The Connecticut Conference is one of 39 regional conferences in the 1.5 million member United Church of Christ, a "united and uniting" Protestant denomination in the United States of America. Our membership descends from Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed traditions, and dates its founding to June 25, 1957, the day the four denominations merged into one fellowship.

In our "ground-up" polity, the Conference is the regional representative for UCC churches, and Associations of those churches, in Connecticut. It provides pastoral support, placement, and other support services to the local churches, and acts as a liaison between the churches and the national denomination.

The Connecticut Conference is a direct descendant of the Congregational Christian Conference of Connecticut, which held its first Annual Meeting in 1867. The Conference includes two additional legal entities with a distinguished history of mission and ministry: the Missionary Society of Connecticut was founded in 1798 to bring the Christian gospel to the "heathen lands" of Vermontand Ohio. The Trustees of the Fund for Ministers oversee supplements to the retirement income of Connecticut's Clergy. Both organizations are governed by the Board of Directors elected by the Connecticut Conference. [3/31/96, rev. 2/22/99]

Constitution and Bylaws

Those interested in the details of how we work and make decisions may review our Constitution and Bylaws (updated 2018).


In the United Church of Christ, Associations of local churches ordain and maintain discipline among clergy, and hold the standing of UCC congregations. There are fifteen Associations in Connecticut.

  • Central
  • Fairfield East
  • Fairfield West
  • Farmington Valley
  • Hartford
  • Hartford East
  • Litchfield North
  • Litchfield South
  • Middlesex
  • Naugatuck Valley
  • New Haven
  • New Haven East
  • New London
  • Tolland
  • Windham

About the Missionary Society of Connecticut

The Missionary Society of Connecticut (MSC) was established on June 21, 1798, when the General Association of Ministers in Connecticut adopted a Constitution for that purpose. In 1802, the General Association asked the state General Assembly to incorporate its 12 trustees – six “clergymen” and six “brethren” – “the better to enable them to execute the trust reposed in them.”

Abolitionism, evangelism, church growth, women’s rights and economic equality are just some of the issues that have transformed the life of our churches in the more than two centuries that have followed. Our tradition is marked by an ongoing pursuit of social justice, which unites personal commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ with progressive social change.

Today, the Missionary Society is the fiscal and personnel instrument of the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ, which is comprised of 233 churches with 60,000 members among them. The churches are each self-governing and in covenantal relationship with one another through the Conference, sharing in mission in Connecticut and in work to strengthen one another.

The Connecticut Conference is the body in which the churches and authorized ministers hold membership. It is that body that meets to deliberate on the budget for the Missionary Society, and to adopt resolutions and other business. When the authorized delegates of the Annual Meeting or the Conference’s Board of Directors pass a motion or resolution, its implementation is conducted through the staff and budgetary allocations of the MSC.

Here is a map and driving instructions to our Conference headquarters in Hartford!