Websites and social media

The following resources can be helpful for churches in dealing with questions regarding church websites and social media sites.


Internet Safety Guidelines

Authored by a team of Connecticut Conference web and youth workers, this document offers guidelines and foundational questions for local churches developing policies for appropriate communication using digital means, including social networking and "traditional" church web sites. The document considers adult to adult as well as adult to youth relationships.


Web Site Publication Privacy and Safety Guidelines

Local churches need to develop policies to guide the content of their web sites and to protect their members from the use of information in inappropriate or detrimental ways. This document surveys the areas in which local church leaders can make decisions, ranging from appropriate use of images to care that the church respect copyrights and trademarks.


The following resources were developed by the Rev. Eric Anderson and the Rev. Kim Hoare:

PDFPutting a Window in Your Virtual Door

Review of basic boundary issues, some special factors in online communication, relevant Christian values, and some best practice suggestions. 


PDFSocial Networking and Youth: Suggestions for Best Practices/ Safe Church Polices

A list of recommended practices for pastors, educators, and youth workers who may communicate with youth online. Includes a sample model release for photos.