TAWFG Apprenticeship Program Description

The TAWFG Apprenticeship Program is sponsored by the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Team of the Connecticut Conference, United Church of Christ.  There are two levels of apprenticeships; seeker and explorer.


High school youth and college age young adults, with preference to youth and young adults who have attended a TAWFG retreat.


Part-time internship with a pastor of a local church.

Job shadow format will provide the apprentice with insight into the varied roles of a pastor-- preaching preparation, pastoral care, and administration, to name a few. Apprentice will have time for personal reflection, spiritual practice, and opportunity to lead worship. Apprentice will join the cohort of other TAWFG apprentices for online conversation with guests via zoom. Apprentices will participate in the CTUCC Youth Revival on April 22. There will be an orientation about pathways to ministry with CT Conference Staff as well as a tour of Hartford Seminary. The program will be capped with a celebration at CT Conference office in Hartford.

Sample Schedule for SEEKER Apprentice

This is a 20 hour apprenticeship in your home congregation.  Applicants must be 13 or older. Stipend is $150 per person

  • One on one meeting with pastor of lay leader to reflect on call- 1 hour
  • Prepare for and participate in three worship services- 6 hours
  • Attend church council or deacon's meeting- 2 hours
  • Assist with church or youth group service project- 2 hours
  • Attend CTUCC Youth Revival on April 22- 2 hours
  • Participate in TAWFG cohort group meetings via zoom 45 min/week x 4 weeks- 3 hours
  • Prepare faith story and share at TAWFG apprenticeship celebration- 4 hours

Sample Schedule for EXPLORER Apprentice:

This is a 40 hour apprenticeship in a neighbor congregation.  Applicants must be 16 or older.

  • First Sunday: Introduction and blessing, youth to read scripture- 2 hours
  • Personal study: worship prep and spiritual practice (one hour per day)- 5 hours
  • Church visit (job shadow) T, W, Th (example: attend Deacons mtg)- 5 hours
  • TAWFG cohort group via zoom (45 min/week x 4 weeks)  3 hours
  • Second Sunday: share a reflection in worship 2 hours
  • Personal study: worship prep and spiritual practice (one hour per day) 5 hours
  • Church visit (job shadow) T, W, Th (example: attend Council mtg) 5 hours
  • Hartford Seminary tour 2 Level I Racial Justice Training 6 hours
  • Participate in CTUCC Youth Revival on April 22
  • Third Sunday: share a faith story in worship 2 hours
  • Culminating presentation at Sherman Street 3 hours
  • Exit interview

Total: 40 hours, Stipend for "Explorer" Apprentices is $300


April - June 2018 on mutually convenient dates

Apprentice presentations will be held in late May or early June at the Conference Office


  • Strong faith and sense of call
  • Recommendation of home pastor or a Silver Lake Dean or Chaplain
  • Must have driver’s license or access to reliable transportation

Application Process:

Application forms are available online beginning November 1. Two recommendations must be submitted with the application. The deadline for submission is February 15. Interviews will be held via skype in March, 2018. Assignments will be made in mid April based on candidate preference, geography, and mentor time-table.


Stipend is $150 per "SEEKER" Apprentice and $300 per EXPLORER apprentice.


For more information, contact Debby Kirk, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, at debbyk@ctucc.org or 860-761-7103 

Download this information in PDF form.