Spirit Calendar

Beloved Community

Debby Kirk


"As we practice holy living together, the fruits of God’s spirit-- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control--are harvested in abundance." — Debby Kirk

Rest For The Weary

Tamara Moreland


"Resting well is living well." —Rev. Tamara Moreland

The Never Ending Miracle

Drew Page


"The miracle didn't end with 12 baskets of leftovers; it continues through us..." —Drew Page

Hiding Treasures

Michael Ciba


"Hiding the treasure when we need to is fine. Hiding it forever is not." —Rev. Michael Ciba



" People who already know the song – sing loud!" —Alan Munshower

House Divided

Sioux Wilusz


"We must continually work at being an organization that cherishes our differences without losing sight of the fundamental beliefs that unite us." —Sioux Wilusz

Keep Fighting

Michele Mudrick


"Our efforts are continuing as we believe that there will be future opportunities to oppose this potential new casino and to educate the public about the social and economic costs to casinos." —Michele Mudrick

Joyful Noise

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"The energy of camp songs revitalizes me in a way unique to this outdoor ministry setting." —Jennifer Kronholm Clark

The Uncomfortable Walk

Michelle Hughes


"May each of us have faith and trust enough to be uncomfortable to walk with God and lose ourselves." — Rev. Michelle Hughes


Karen Ziel


"How would you describe your laugh?" —Karen Ziel

Called and Required

Isaac Monts


"As the body of Christ, we must do two things in this season." —Isaac Monts

The Gift of Power

Thomas Clough


"We have been given life. We have been given love. We have been given the power to communicate." — Rev. Tom Clough

Begin Now

Charlie Kuchenbrod


"I need to get to work. We need to get to work." — Charlie Kuchenbrod

Good Things

Emily McKenna


"You are doing good things." — Emily McKenna

We Are A People!

Kent Siladi


"We were formed as a people to make a difference. We were formed as a people to proclaim God’s extravagant love for all of God’s children." — Rev. Kent Siladi

Breaking Bread


"To be able to dine together, to be present with one another and to recognize the Christ within the other, and to simply break bread and give thanks for life in community and fellowship is a gift from which we can all grow." —Rev. Ryan Gackenheimer

What Things?

Mary Nelson


"We need more practice in telling our own story, in telling Jesus’ story." —Rev. Mary Nelson

Doubting Thomas

Tiffany Vail


"Seeing isn’t believing any longer." — Tiffany Vail

We Are Witnesses

Debby Kirk


"Though we are not eyewitnesses of Christ in the same direct way as the early disciples, we are nevertheless, witnesses to the living Christ among us." —Debby Kirk

Two Parades

Cecile Gilson


"As we journey though this week before Easter let us remember that we have the strength and courage through Jesus to face our own Easter experiences." — Cecile Gilson


Chuck Ericson


"God’s word of hope, and God’s glory, are ready to be revealed to you and to all who wait." — Rev. Chuck Ericson

More Conversation Needed

Drew Page


"I know that I needed that conversation." — Drew Page


Michael Ciba


"One of the ways we worship God is through the ordinary encounters of everyday life." — Rev. Michael Ciba

New Journeys


"It become imperative for me, while in the midst of my own new journey, to recognize the journeys of these young adults, and to extend a welcoming hand in the moment." — Alan Munshower


Sioux Wilusz


"In order to overcome temptation, instead of letting it overcome us, we must regularly devote time to planning our spiritual growth." —Sioux Wilusz

Mountain Tops

Da Vita McCallister


"In each [mountain top] experience, something that had been right in front of me was revealed anew." —Rev. Day McCallister

Small Steps; Big Impacts

Michele Mudrick


"...as people of faith, it's important to step outside our comfort zones and fight for justice." —Michele Mudrick

Thou Shalt Not... Be Angry?

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"In a time when careless words can literally kill, we must be vigilant about not letting our anger fester." —Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Maintaining The Light

Michelle Hughes


"People everywhere were shining in their embrace of their neighbors, in their standing up for the marginalized and affirming the maligned." — Rev. Michelle Hughes

Paradox On The Mount

Karen Ziel


"So much of faith is a paradox." —Karen Ziel

There Is A Plan

Isaac Monts


"It’s very easy for us to get afraid, it’s very easy for us to become worried, and it’s very easy for us to become anxious." —Isaac Monts

Sabbath Observed

Thomas Clough


" We are commanded not to make the Sabbath, but to observe it." - Rev. Tom Clough

The Truth in the Story

Charlie Kuchenbrod


"Faith is trusting the truth of the story - even if the facts are uncertain." - Charlie Kuchenbrod

Days Ahead

Kent Siladi


"The new year starts on our Sabbath. How wonderful is that?" —Rev. Kent Siladi

Uncluttered Spirit

Emily McKenna


"You can find a way to make your own clear path too, and maybe just in time, Christmas will fill your heart." - Emily McKenna

God Is With Us

Kent Siladi


"Tell you neighbors, tell your friends, post it on your Facebook wall, tweet it – proclaim it!" - Rev. Kent Siladi



"We can wait for this to happen, like one waits on a bus. Or we can live into Advent and get impassioned to act..." - Rev. Ryan Gackenheimer

Judgement and Grace

Mary Nelson


"The Good News of Advent is that a King is coming, a Sovereign who judges us by a different set of rules than we judge ourselves." - Rev. Mary Nelson

Two Steps Toward Understanding

Tiffany Vail


"For some, the divide we see across our country is often a divide we see in our own personal lives as well." - Tiffany Vail


Debby Kirk


"The impact of our collaborative ministries is that our youth are indeed light-bearers who are carrying the torch with grace! " - Debby Kirk

New Heaven / New Earth

Cecile Gilson


"God created me with the will to do the hard work to change the world." - Cecile Gilson

O' Give Thanks!

Tamara Moreland


"Please and thank you are magic words." - Rev. Tamara Moreland

God's In That

Drew Page


"I would like to tell those stories." - Drew Page

For Better - For Worse

Michael Ciba


"Harvest was a matter of life and death for the people of the Bible." - Rev. Michael Ciba


Da Vita McCallister


"Revival reminds us that we are NOT alone in the struggle." - Rev. Da Vita McCallister

Can We Admit Our Wrongs?

Michelle Hughes


"I know talking about sin and confession for many brings to mind problematic church hierarchy and special dispensation. Historical, political, theological abuses aside; I embrace the idea that being able to admit our wrongs is a way of making things right." Rev. Michelle Hughes

I Lament

Karen Ziel


"True lament can open our hearts, sustain us and become our prayer when words of grief, mourning or regret won't come." - Karen Ziel

Penchant For Redemption

Thomas Clough


"Sometimes God just cracks me up!" - Rev. Tom Clough


Charlie Kuchenbrod


"We can cultivate hope. We don't have to ever run out of hope." - Charlie Kuchenbrod

Start Fresh

Emily McKenna


"In order for our joy to be complete, each of us must notice and ask forgiveness for our sins." - Emily McKenna