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Faith Formation Documents for Congregations and Leaders

Below is a series of documents developed by the Faith Formation Ministry Task Group.  The purpose of these documents is to engage congregational leaders and laity in conversation about what impacts church vitality in the faith forming or shaping ministries of our churches and of our pastoral and faith formation leaders. These may be used as discussion starters, for setting goals and objectives and more.

Discerning Vital Faith Formation in Congregations
What contributes to vitality in the ministry of Christian education and faith formation?  What contexts are formational in nature? May offer positive and transformative engagement?  This document has several areas of Christian nurture within the church for members and leaders to consider in renewing or vitalizing this ministry at your church.

The Effective Faith Formation Leader
Faith formation leaders are revealed by call from God and / or within community or by self-reflection.  Effective faith formation leaders bring and hone their spiritual gifts, theological knowledge and practice in their ministry.  Each leader brings a unique skill set and personality to their faith formation ministry. What is required in faith shaping contexts?  This document will help you to review and consider.

The Pastoral Role in Vital Faith Formation                                                                                                            Ordained clergy are authorized as pastor and teacher.  In collaboration and within their leadership role in the church, use this sheet to explore the nature of those pastoral leaders who contribute to vital faith formation within congregations.

Discerning Your Call In Faith Formation Ministries of the Church (PDF)
Discernment is an important process in saying 'yes', whether to shepherding a Sunday school group or stepping into the role of youth advisor.  It is certainly very important in determining whether or not the work of leading Christian education or faith formation as an employee of a local congregation is right for you.  How are your gifts being used or affirmed?  What unexpected opportunities have sparked your imagination or enliven your experience?  This brief framework of reflective, open ended questions will enable you to consider a call to this work. Once you affirm your 'yes', there are many opportunities for continued education or to work with a mentor as you get you started on the journey!

Seasonal Resources to Share!

A Parable for learning more about Children and Communion: Peter and Penny Go Swimming

Communion Booklets for Clergy, Families and Children .                                                                                     Three PDF booklets with something for clergy, parents, teachers and children. 

Jesus Loves Me  

Do This to Remember Me

Communion and Your Child                                                                                  


SALT Project
SALT is an Emmy Award winning, not for profit production company dedicated to the craft of visual storytelling.

Story Path
Connecting Children's Literature with faith stories

Narrative Lectionary
The Narrative Lectionary (NL) is four-year cycle of readings for use in congregational worship and preaching. The goal is to preach annually through the biblical narrative in order to center the lives of believers in God’s story.

Healthy Living-Healthy Boundaries (Safe Conduct©)

Healthy boundaries are essential to healthy living and healthy faith communities.                                                            

This page offers links to materials specific to Safe Conduct© work through the United Church of Christ Insurance Board and other agencies and insurers who offer resources for congregations who are doing and updating this work.

It is important to do this work consistently and at regular intervals to ensure that you are able to achieve the highest level of standards and compliance possible.  Doing so will enable you and your leadership to protect the most vulnerable among us (minors, elders, developmentally disabled) and to protect the faith community you love.    

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