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UCC Clergy Willing to Officiate at Same-Gender Weddings

The following is a list of clergy who are willing and able to perform same gender weddings as their situation allows. Some are clergy in a church setting and are able to perform unions according to the church's stated policies. Some are retired or serve in a non-church setting and are available to perform unions in other settings. When contacting the clergy please share as much information as possible so they can accurately assess their availability.

This list will be updated as more clergy add their name to the list.

Town Name Contact Information
BloomfieldThe Rev. Dr. Kenneth Taylorkentaylor@snet.net
BranfordThe Rev. Lee Ferrysferry@ctfoodbank.org
BrooklynThe Rev. Paulette Harwoodrevharwood@snet.net
ChesterThe Rev. Eileen Sypheresypher@comcast.net
CoventryThe Rev. Michael Aderader@iname.com
CoventryThe Rev. Sue PrichardRevSueP@aol.com
DanburyThe Rev. Cindy Maddoxpastor@kingstchurch.org
DarienThe Rev. Larry Woodlwood@uccdarien.org
DarienThe Rev. Shannon Wallswall@uccdarien.org
East HavenThe Rev. Karen Johnsonoscpastor@snet.net
EnfieldThe Rev. Robert L. Livingstonrevrll@aol.com
EssexThe Rev. Mitzi Eiltsavalonmists@att.net
EssexThe Rev. Suzanne Personetteangeltshoes@comcast.net
EssexThe Rev. Ken Peterkin860-581-0869
FairfieldThe Rev. Jennifer Habetzjhabetz@firstchurchfairfield.org
FairfieldThe Rev. David Spollettdspollett@firstchurchfairfield.org
FairfieldThe Rev. Sarah Verascosjverasco@yahoo.com
GranbyThe Rev. Marjorie Davismhdavis283@aol.com
GreenwichThe Rev. Susan De Simonesrd34@verizon.net
GuilfordThe Rev. Susan Murthasusanjdarc@gmail.com
GuilfordThe Rev. John Van Eppsjcvanepps@comcast.net
HamdenThe Rev. Karen Jodicerevjodice@sbcglobal.net
HamdenThe Rev. George Manukasrevonweb@sbcglobal.net
HartfordThe Rev. Paul Goodmanskirev@msn.com
HartfordThe Rev. Da Vita McCallisterdavitam@ctucc.org
HartfordRev. Donna Manocchiodmanocchio@ahcc.org
HartfordBishop John Seldersjerjon@aol.com
HartfordRev. Erica Thompsonethompson@ahcc.org
HartfordRev. Matthew Laneymlaney@ahcc.org
HebronThe Rev. Denise Esslingerdesslinger1@comcast.net
HebronThe Rev. Denise Esslinger860-228-1889
MadisonThe Rev. Nancy Leckerlingnleck@aol.com
ManchesterThe Rev. Patricia Felletterfelletter@sbcglobal.net
Mansfield CenterThe Rev. Dr. Lois Happeloish@ctucc.org
Mansfield CenterThe Rev. Matthew McCaffreymatt@onelane.org
MeridenThe Rev. James J. Olsonrevjjo@mac.com
MiddletownThe Rev. David Minnickdavemintbg@aol.com
MiddletownThe Rev. Rose Amodeo Petronellaroseandan@rcn.com
MiddletownThe Rev. Mary Klaarenmklaaren@wesleyan.edu
MilfordThe Rev. Paige Besse-Rankinrev.paige@sbcglobal.net
MonroeThe Rev. Jenn Gingrasjgingras@earthlink.net
New BritainThe Rev. Dr. Ronald Brownronb@ctucc.org
New BritainThe Rev. George Harrisgharris@southchurch.org
New FairfieldThe Rev. Patricia A. Nicholaspatnicholas@charter.net
New HavenThe Rev. John Gagerevjohngage@yahoo.com
New HavenThe Rev. Dr. Rochelle Stackhouseoffice@uccredeemer.org
New HavenThe Rev. Barbara J. Libbybarblibby@aol.com
New LondonThe Rev. Ed Cornellrevedcornell@comcast.net
New LondonThe Rev. Lee Irelandrevlee_ire@yahoo.com
NianticThe Rev. John Nelsonjnelson@nianticcommunitychurch.org
NorfolkThe Rev. Erick Olsenreverendole@sbcglobal.net
North BranfordThe Rev. Deborah Royrevdeborahroy@comcast.net
North HavenThe Rev. Scott Morrowrevscott@snet.net
North HavenThe Rev. Dr. Susan Fowlerrevfowler@sbcglobal.net
NorwichThe Rev. Sidat Balgobinsidatb@hotmail.com
Old LymeThe Rev. Carleen Gerbercarleen_gerber@hotmail.com
PortlandThe Rev. Eric Andersonwebmaster@ctucc.org
RowaytonThe Rev. Carla Dietz Carrolldietzrev@aol.com
S GlastonburyThe Rev. Richard Allendickallen@juno.com
SalisburyThe Rev. Stephen A. Austin860-435-2442
SimsburyThe Rev. Kevin Weikelkevin.weikel@1stchurchsimsbury.org
SimsburyThe Rev. Jonathan Morganjonathan.morgan@1stchurchsimsbury.org
South WindsorThe Rev. Dr. Bob LaRochellerpbksl@cox.net
SouthburyThe Rev. Dr. Bonnie Bardotrev.up@snet.net
SouthingtonThe Rev. Patricia Libertypliberty@firstchurchsouthington.org
StratfordThe Rev. Ed Rawlspastoredrawls@yahoo.com
StratfordThe Rev. Joshua Sanderpastorsander211@yahoo.com
StratfordThe Rev. Meg Williamsmegwillia@gmail.com
TollandThe Rev. Alice O'Donovanrevalice@aol.com
TorringtonThe Rev. Denise Clapsaddledenisemay@yahoo.com
TorringtonThe Rev. Rhonda D. Myersrhondamy@gmail.com
TrumbullThe Rev. Suzanne Wagnerswagner5@yahoo.com
UnionvilleThe Rev. Donald Ketchamdonald_h_ketcham@sbcglobal.net
WallingfordThe Rev. Ellen Petersengodandep@yahoo.com
WaterburyThe Rev. Robert McGrathbob@bobmcgrath.net
West AvonThe Rev. Dr. Brian C. Hardeerevhardee@westavonchurch.org
West HartfordThe Rev. Mark Ditersmditers@gmail.com
West HartfordThe Rev. Barbara A. Frey860-233-9605
WindsorThe Rev. Fidelia Lanefalane406@aol.com
WindsorThe Rev. Sara Jane Munshowerrevsaja@cox.net
WinstedThe Rev. William Bartholomewwlbmdiv@aol.com
WoodbridgeThe Rev. Stan Youngbergstanyoungberg@gmail.com
WoodstockThe Rev. Susan J. Fosterecongregtnl@snet.net
WoodstockThe Rev. Jocelyn B. Gardner Spencerjocelyn@firstchurchwoodstock.org
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