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Is Your Church Ready?

Church Administration

If the fire alarm rings during a Sunday morning Worship Service (assuming, of course, that your church has a fire alarm system), is an evacuation plan in place? Do you know which exit to take from the Sanctuary? Is anyone prepared to direct visitors and to assist those with mobility problems to an exit? Has the Church School had a fire drill? Do the teachers know what to do when the alarm goes off?

Do you know who the Emergency Management Officer is in your community? Is your church prepared to respond to a community-wide disaster? Is there a plan in place with the rest of the faith community in your town so resources are shared and not duplicated?

These are just a few questions that every congregation needs to answer. The Local Church Check List will help you get started on an assessment of your church’s preparedness in case of an emergency or community disaster.

Click here to download or view "Is Your Church Ready?"

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