Resolutions Passed by Annual Meetings

The statements and convictions expressed through resolutions help define who we are as the United Church of Christ in the particular setting that adopts a resolution. There is a long and rich tradition in the Connecticut Conference for such expression. Since the 1700s, resolutions have spoken to subjects as significant as slavery, violence, peacemaking, capital punishment, poverty, racism and economic disparity.

Here is a primer on the Discernment Process for developing a resolution proposal (updated 2018).

In this section, all the Resolutions passed by the Annual Meetings of the Connecticut Conference UCC since 1970 are listed. They are available here in PDF format. You can browse the resolutions or click on one of the topics here to narrow the list:

Transparency of Information about Infrastructure Development

Year: 2018

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To Help Achieve State Mandated Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Support the Increase in Renewable Energy Resources in Connecticut

Year: 2016

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On the Urgency for Action on Climate Change

Year: 2008

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Solid Waste and Ecologically Sound Lifestyle

Year: 1989

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Hazardous Waste and Water Pollution

Year: 1981

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The Energy Crisis

Year: 1979

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Christian Obedience and the Nuclear Question

Year: 1978

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Confronting the Energy Issue

Year: 1977

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Environmental Concerns

Year: 1973

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