Regions of the CTUCC


The Connecticut Conference's four Regional Ministers provide pastoral support to the clergy and churches in their region. They help build relationships among congregations for mutual ministry and fellowship, and have particular expertise which is available to churches throughout the state.


Michael CibaSouthwest Region: the Rev. Dr. Michael Ciba

Michael Ciba is Southwest Regional Minister of the Connecticut Conference. He works with churches in the Fairfield East, Fairfield West, and Litchfield South Associations to provide resources, interpret the work of the United Church of Christ, and assist churches with planning and search and call. He serves as team leader for the Regional Ministry Team.

Office Phone: 860.921.8204

Thomas CloughEastern Region: the Rev. Dr. Thomas Clough

The Eastern Regional Minister works with churches in transition, providing support, resources and leadership training. He assists in connecting the churches to the mission and ministry of the UCC beyond their local programs and concerns. His work with clergy of the region includes offering counsel, support and pastoral care.

Office Phone: 860.941.0929

Tamara MorelandNorthwest Central Region: the Rev. Tamara Moreland

Tamara Moreland serves churches in the northern part of the state ranging from the New York state line to the Connecticut River.

Office Phone: 860.214.2186

 South Central Region: the Rev. Mary Nelson

Mary Nelson's primary work is with congregations in transition and crisis and providing leadership resources. She works with clergy of the Region in offering counsel, support and advice as well as pastoral care.

Office Phone: 860.305.5846