Mentoring: Developing Leaders

MentoringMentored Relationships:

Mentors may appear in the natural course of our lives yet sometimes, mentoring relationships must be sought and nurtured intentionally.  Providing a trained and experienced mentor for a new or seasoned faith formation leader seeking to develop their skills or capacities for leadership is one way the CT Conference UCC supports leadership development for faith formation practitioners.

New faith formation leaders often come to the role with gifts and skills but may have a need to be supported through the beginning stages of vocation within the church.  We have asked, “Who are the midwives (supporters, encouragers, those who accompany) that birth and support vocations in faith formation?”  We believe that making connections and providing mentors for mentored relationships is a unique way to draw together study, practice and ministry partners for reflection and honing gifts for faith formation leadership.  Such roles include Sunday school or Children’s Ministry Directors, Christian Educators, Youth Ministry leaders and Ministers of Faith Formation or Children and Family Ministries.

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An interview with a Mentor and the leader she mentored in our pilot program can be found here!