Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Living (includes Safe Conduct Resources)

Healthy boundaries are essential to healthy living and healthy faith communities.  

It is important to create safe and life-giving spaces which are bounded by covenant, enliven the core values of your congregation and of the United Church of Christ.  It is the responsibility of church leaders, authorized and lay, to offer guidance to both long term and the newest members and friends of your church regarding the shared boundaries the church expects all to keep regardless the program or setting of ministry that is engaged. 

Church leaders should be trained in both general and specific concepts of covenant and the best practices we engage to show God's love, respect and care for one another and ourselves in the context of the church.

Here you will find links to materials specific to Safe Conduct© work through the United Church of Christ Insurance Board and other agencies and insurers who offer resources for congregations who are doing and updating this work.  It is important to do this work at regular intervals to ensure that you are able to achieve the highest level of standards and compliance possible to protect the most vulnerable among us (minors, elders, developmentally disabled) and to protect the faith community you love.

Safe Conduct© Workbench at the UCC Insurance Board- Here you'll find a self-assessment tool for reviewing your policy in light of the latest standards, information for doing back ground checks (pro-rated rate for insurance board customers), for online training, and more!  Many, many free articles, booklets and information to support your safe spaces ministry or work.

Church Law and Tax Report is an organization that also offers good scholarship and information on the topic of creating healthy boundaries and safe spaces.  The popular Reducing the Risk materials are available here.  Most of these resources are available through a subscription service and through the Church Law and Tax store for a fee in print and PDF form.

Various Insurers, this PDF document is a list of links to the various insurance companies that our congregations may use and the online information they provide to their customers to do this work well.


Additional Resources

A Safe Space Realized: A Congregational Resource for Care, Advocacy, and Action for Intimate Partner Violence 

By: Miranda Moeller, Director of Ministry with Children, Youth and Families, First Congregational Church Farmington, CT.

(Domestic Violence)

Safe Conduct© Training- A framework or outline for creating a leader friendly, comprehensive program for annual or semi-annual training for leaders within your congregation.

Church Safety PageAdditional resources can be found here including those for responding to an active shooter, etc.